Cyber Security MCQs

Cyber security is the protection of systems, programmes, networks, devices, and data from cyber attacks with the help of technology and processes. Its primary aim is to reduce cyber attacks and protect systems, networks, and technologies from unauthorised exploitation.

MCQs on Cyber Security

Solve Cyber Security Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. If you wish to learn more about Cyber Security and Cyber Security MCQs, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Cyber Security by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Cyber Security Multiple-Choice Questions

1. In which of these a person is continually chased/followed by another person or a group of various people?

a. Identity theft

b. Stalking

c. Bullying

d. Phishing

Answer: (b) Stalking

2. Which of these is an antivirus program type?

a. Kaspersky

b. Quick heal

c. Mcafee

d. All of the above

Answer: (d) All of the above

3. A ____________ can be a hardware device or a software program that filters all the packets of data that comes through a network, the internet, etc.

a. Firewall

b. Antivirus

c. Malware

d. Cookies

Answer: (a) Firewall

4. Which of these would refer to the exploration of the apt, ethical behaviours that are related to the digital media platform and online environment?

a. Cybersecurity

b. Cybersafety

c. Cyberethics

d. Cyber low

Answer: (c) Cyberethics

5. Which of these is a technique that is used to verify a message’s integrity?

a. Message Digest

b. Protocol

c. Decryption algorithm

d. Digital signature

Answer: (a) Message Digest

6. Which of these ports and IP address scanners is popular among the users?

a. Ettercap

b. Snort

c. Angry IP Scanner

d. Cain and Abel

Answer: (c) Angry IP Scanner

7. Which of these is NOT a scanning type?

a. Null Scan

b. Xmas Tree Scan

c. SYN Stealth

d. Cloud Scan

Answer: (d) Cloud Scan

8. The Code Red is a sort of a ___________.

a. Video Editing Software

b. Computer Virus

c. Photo Editing Software

d. Antivirus Program

Answer: (b) Computer Virus

9. Which of these is also malicious software?

a. Badware

b. Malicious Ware

c. Malware

d. Ilegalware

Answer: (c) Malware

10. We use the transit time and the response time to measure a network’s ___________.

a. Reliability

b. Performance

c. Longevity

d. Security

Answer: (b) Performance

11. Which of these is the world’s very first antivirus program?

a. Tinkered

b. Creeper

c. Ray Tomlinson

d. Reaper

Answer: (d) Reaper

12. The Hacker who did break the SIPRNET system is ___________.

a. Kevin Poulsen

b. John von Neumann

c. Kevin Mitnick

d. John Draper

Answer: (a) Kevin Poulsen

13. Using the cipher algorithm, which of these types of text would be transformed?

a. Plain text

b. Scalar text

c. Complex text

d. Transformed text

Answer: (a) Plain text

14. Which of the following malware types does not clone or replicate itself through infection?

a. Viruses

b. Worms

c. Trojans

d. Rootkits

Answer: (c) Trojans

15. The DNS would translate any Domain name into ___________.

a. IP

b. URL

c. Binary

d. Hex

Answer: (b) URL

16. Which of these is usually referred to as the port number (default) of several web servers like apache?

a. 40

b. 20

c. 87

d. 80

Answer: (d) 80

17. Which of these is a sort of independent type of malicious program that would not require any host program?

a. Virus

b. Trap Door

c. Worm

d. Trojan Horse

Answer: (c) Worm

18. Which of these is NOT involved in the CIA Triad?

a. Confidentiality

b. Availability

c. Integrity

d. Authenticity

Answer: (d) Authenticity

19. Which of these is the oldest techniques used by hackers for phone hacking to make free calls?

a. Phishing

b. Phreaking

c. Spraining

d. Cracking

Answer: (b) Phreaking

20. Which of these is the very first hacker’s conference?





Answer: (a) DEFCON

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