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Data Structure MCQs

Data Structure is a way used in programming that can store and organise data efficiently when required. The efficient processing can be space, time, or both. It can be based on other factors as a priority needed for some specific problem.

MCQs on Data Structure

Solve Data Structure multiple-choice questions to prepare better for the GATE Exam. If you wish to learn more about Data Structure, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of Data Structure (DS) multiple-choice questions by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Data Structure Multiple-Choice Questions

1. A queue follows _________:

a. LIFO principle

b. FIFO principle

c. Linear tree

d. Ordered array

Answer: (b) FIFO principle

2. The time complexity used for inserting a node in a priority queue on the basis of key is:

a. O(n)

b. O(n2)

c. O(nlogn)

d. O(logn)

Answer: (a) O(n)

3. Which of these is a postfix expression?

a. a+b-c

b. +ab

c. abc*+de-+

d. a*b(c+d)

Answer: (c) abc*+de-+

4. Which data structure do we use for testing a palindrome?

a. Heap

b. Tree

c. Priority queue

d. Stack

Answer: (d) Stack

5. Which of these will form an inversion in this given array?

arr = {2,8,5,3}

a. (2,8)

b. (8,5), (8,3)

c. (2,8), (2,5), (1,3)

d. (8,5), (8,3), (5,3)

Answer: (d) (8,5), (8,3), (5,3)

6. Which one isn’t the property of the XOR lists?

a. X⊕0 = X

b. X⊕X = 0

c. X⊕0 = 1

d. (X⊕Y)⊕Z = X⊕(Y⊕Z)

Answer: (c) X⊕0 = 1

7. The tango tree is a type of:

a. Binary Search Tree

b. K-ary Tree

c. Ternary Tree

d. AVL Tree

Answer: (a) Binary Search Tree

8. In an AA-tree, we can remove a left horizontal link by:

a. inserting a new element

b. deleting both the elements

c. performing left rotation

d. performing right rotation

Answer: (d) performing right rotation

9. We can use a self–balancing binary search tree for implementing the:

a. Hash table

b. Priority queue

c. Heap sort and Priority queue

d. Heap sort

Answer: (b) Priority Queue

10. A splay operation refers to:

a. the removal of leaf node

b. the movement of root to leaf

c. the movement of a node to root

d. the movement of parent node to a child node’s down

Answer: (c) the movement of a node to root

11. Out of these, which one is NOT true about a 2-3 tree?

a. it is perfectly balanced

b. the leaves are always at the same level

c. it refers to a B-tree of the order 3

d. postorder traversal would yield the elements in a sorted order

Answer: (d) postorder traversal would yield the elements in a sorted order

12. How do we define the Ackermann’s function?

a. for i<1, A(1,i) = i+1

b. for i = j, A(i,j) = i+j

c. for i>=j, A(i,j) = i+j

d. for i>=1, A(1,i) = i+1

Answer: (d) for i>=1, A(1,i) = i+1

13. A recursive implementation would presumably fail in skew heaps because:

a. lack of stack space

b. time complexity

c. these heaps are self adjusting

d. efficiency gets reduced

Answer: (a) lack of stack space

14. Which operation can we NOT perform directly in a d-heap?

a. create

b. find

c. delete

d. insert

Answer: (b) find

15. The time does taken for the construction of suffix tree is:

a. Linear to the Length of Tree

b. Exponential to the Length of Tree

c. O (M!)

d. O (log M)

Answer: (a) Linear to the Length of Tree

16. The best technique for handling collision is:

a. Separate chaining

b. Double hashing

c. Linear probing

d. Quadratic probing

Answer: (d) Quadratic probing

17. Which one is the most desirable out of these traits of a hash function?

a. it must cause more collisions

b. it must be easy to implement

c. it must cause less collisions

d. it must occupy less space

Answer: (c) it must cause less collisions

18. What is the time complexity for checking if an undirected graph with E edges and V vertices is Bipartite, given its adjacency matrix?

a. O(E)

b. O(V)

c. O(E*E)

d. O(V*V)

Answer: (d) O(V*V)

19. The members of two of the sets are relatively more common when the Jaccard Index is:

a. Closer to 0

b. Closer to 1

c. Farther to 1

d. Closer to -1

Answer: (b) Closer to 1

20. The polynomial-time graph manipulation algorithms can’t implement which of these logical operations using the Binary Decision Diagrams?

a. Tautology Checking

b. Negation

c. Disjunction

d. Conjunction

Answer: (a) Tautology Checking

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