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MCQs on Debugging

Solve Debugging Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. Learn more about Debugging and Debugging MCQs by checking notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on Debugging by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

Debugging Multiple-Choice Questions

1. We use the run > outfile command to:

a. edit an outfile file

b. enter an outfile file

c. jump to an outfile file

d. direct the output to the outfile file

Answer: (d) direct the output to the outfile file

2. Which of these is NOT involved in the process of debugging?

a. Fixing

b. Test

c. Isolating

d. Identifying

Answer: (b) Test

3. Without arguments, the ‘set args ‘ are capable of:

a. No change

b. Showing all the arguments

c. Removing all the arguments

d. Initialising all the arguments

Answer: (c) removing all the arguments

4. Which of these does not affect a program’s execution?

a. Control

b. I/o

c. Environment

d. Arguments

Answer: (a) Control

5. Which of these would create an inferior process for running your program?

a. exit

b. run

c. e

d. execute

Answer: (b) run

6. The h command would provide us with a:

a. Description of all the commands

b. A list of those commands that start from h

c. Display of all the programs

d. Display of the command’s short description

Answer: (d) Display of the command’s short description

7. Which of these do we write if we want to get help in GDB?

a. assistant

b. assist

c. h

d. he

Answer: (c) h

8. What is the examination of a program known as step by step?

a. Stepping

b. Testing

c. Tracing

d. Controlling

Answer: (a) Stepping

9. Which of these is a freeware GNU Debugger?

a. FNB

b. FDB

c. GNB

d. GDB

Answer: (d) GDB

10. The statement “The examination of a variable’s changing values is known as stepping” is:

a. False

b. True

Answer: (a) False

11. Where does a suggestion for fixing a given error appear?

a. Error detection window

b. Error correction window

c. Properties window

d. Error location window

Answer: (b) Error correction window

12. Which of these do we use so as to improve a number appearing in an interface?

a. Appear function

b. Number function

c. Format function

d. Val function

Answer: (c) Format function

13. Which of these functions would convert a string to a number and return the number temporarily?

a. Convert

b. Integer

c. Value

d. Val

Answer: (d) val

14. Which of these refers to a predefined procedure used to perform a specific task?

a. Function

b. Flowchart

c. Errors

d. Pseudocode

Answer: (a) Function

15. The ____________ of documentation refers to the process of putting a given documentation in some safe place.

a. Printing

b. Assembling

c. Testing

d. Debugging

Answer: (b) Assembling

16. Which of these would occur when we forget to enter an instruction or when we enter these instructions in the wrong order?

a. Syntax errors

b. Application shut down

c. Logical errors

d. Exceptions

Answer: (c) Logical errors

17. Which of these would occur when we break the rules constituting a language?

a. Application shut down

b. Exceptions

c. Syntax errors

d. Logical errors

Answer: (c) Syntax errors

18. In a program, errors are also known as:

a. Exceptions

b. Invalid data

c. Errors

d. Bugs

Answer: (d) Bugs

19. Which of these is the process of locating errors and then correcting them?

a. Debugging

b. Testing

c. Correcting

d. Retransforming

Answer: (a) Debugging

20. Which of these types of data refers to the data that an application expects a user to enter?

a. Invalid

b. Valid

c. Character

d. Numeric

Answer: (b) Valid

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