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The IoT stands for Internet of Things, a physical object (or such) with sensors, software, processing capabilities, and other technologies connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems via the Internet or other communication networks. Represents a group of objects). The Internet of Things has been regarded as a misnomer because the device does not need to be connected to the public Internet. It needs to be connected to the network and addressable individually.

Why is the IoT important? It helps people live as well as work smarter, and have complete control over their lives. In addition to providing smart devices to automate homes, the IoT is essential to business.

MCQs on Internet of Things

Solve IoT Multiple-Choice Questions to prepare better for GATE. If you wish to learn more about the Internet of Things and IoT MCQs, you can check notes, mock tests, and previous years’ question papers. Gauge the pattern of MCQs on IoT by solving the ones that we have compiled below for your practice:

IoT Multiple-Choice Questions

1. Which network is used by a sensor?

a. PAN and LAN

b. PAN and HAN

c. HAN and LAN

d. HAN, PAN, and LAN

Answer: (d) HAN, PAN, and LAN

2. A gateway software must be smart enough so that it can handle _____________.

a. Sensors

b. Logging

c. Message

d. GPS

Answer: (b) Logging

3. Dell uses which of these Edge gateway models?

a. 3500

b. 4000

c. 4500

d. 5000

Answer: (d) 5000

4. UDP and TCP are called ________ protocols:

a. Network

b. Transport

c. Session

d. Application

Answer: (b) Transport

5. The __________________ layer provides a security based connection:

a. Transport

b. Application

c. Session

d. Network

Answer: (a) Transport

6. WOT reduces the ________ of HTTP:

a. Load

b. Overload

c. Overhead

d. Overrun

Answer: (c) Overhead

7. In which message format is the Statue line present?

a. Response message

b. Request message

c. Both response and request

d. Neither response nor request

Answer: (a) Response message

8. Which type of elements helps in streaming XMPP?

a. XHL

b. XPL

c. MPL

d. XML

Answer: (d) XML

9. XMPP supports __________.

a. Jabber ID

b. Federation

c. Foundation

d. Structured data

Answer: (b) Federation

10. The Buffer overrun could be reduced using:

a. Data integrity

b. Byte orientation

c. Flow control

d. Traffic control

Answer: (c) Flow control

11. MAC addresses is used in the form of ________.

a. IP addresses

b. Network address

c. Burned in address

d. Hardware address

Answer: (b) Network addresses

12. The address of the original IEEE 802 MAC comes from ___________.

a. Http

b. Ethernet address

c. IP address

d. MAC address

Answer: (b) Ethernet address

13. Gateway provides the connection between _________ and _________.

a. Controller and device

b. Network and Controller

c. Network and Cloud

d. Cloud and Controller

Answer: (d) Cloud and Controller

14. ___________ introduced the Wind River:

a. Intel

b. IBM

c. Syntel

d. Tech Mahindra

Answer: (a) Intel

15. The __________ transportation brings some new control:

a. Building Automation

b. Smart Energy

c. Industrial automation

d. Route Navigation

Answer: (a) Building Automation

16. The XMPP implementation utilises ______________.

a. Gaming

b. CoAP

c. Polling

d. Email

Answer: (c) Polling

17. XMPP uses the ________ architecture:

a. Public/subscriber

b. Message

c. Centralized client-server

d. Decentralized client-server

Answer: (d) Decentralized client-server

18. IRC is an abbreviation for __________:

a. Interconnect Reduce Chat

b. Internet Relay Chat

c. Interconnection Relay Chat

d. Internet Reduce Chat

Answer: (b) Internet Relay Chat

19. The Network layer protocol is present in the _____________.

a. Bridges

b. Packets

c. Switches

d. Host

Answer: (d) Host

20. The ________ filtering is a security measure on various wireless networks:

a. IP

b. OUI

c. MAC

d. NIC

Answer: (c) MAC

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