GATE Photo Size: Photo requirements and Edit Signature for GATE

GATE Photo Size and GATE 2022 Photo Requirements will be officially announced by IIT Kharagpur. They will also release the brochure on its website. As per the procedure for registration, candidates are required to upload a recently scanned high resolution photograph as well a scanned copy of the signature. However, if there is any discrepancy in the size of the photo or signature, the GATE Application Form 2022 will be rejected.

Hence, candidates have to ensure a couple of things while uploading the GATE application form.


Candidates can check this article here to learn about the GATE 2022 Photo requirements and GATE Signature Resize guidelines.

Highlights of GATE Photo Size and Signature Guidelines

  • The passport size photograph should be of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm dimensions in JPEG / JPG format and of size 5 KB to 200 KB
  • Signature of 2 cm x 7 cm dimensions and size 5 KB to 200 KB in JPEG / JPG format will only be acceptable

GATE 2022 Photo Requirements

Here, we have given instructions on how to upload a photo in the application form.

  • The photograph should be of high-quality. It is to be featured on the GATE scorecard.
  • Colour photos taken after 1 August 2021 by a professional will only be acceptable. Photographs taken by a mobile or if the portraits are self-composed would possibly result in the application being rejected.
  • Dimensions: A photograph in JPEG format only should be of passport size, with a 3.5 cm width and 4.5 cm height of the face. Standard Print size is 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm (width X height).
  • Maximum size: 480 * 640 pixels (0.3 Mega pixel) | Minimum size: 240 * 320 pixels.
  • White or a light colour background for the photos required.
  • The candidate’s face should cover about 60% to 70% of the above-mentioned size of the photograph.
  • Everything from the forehead to eyes, nose, and chin should be all visible clearly. Hair of the head, any cloth, or any shadow should not cover the main features of the face.
  • In the photograph, both the ears of the candidate should be visible. Candidates should not have worn any cap/ hat in the photo.
  • For candidates wearing spectacles, photographs with reflection on glasses will be rejected. If it is not possible to avoid the reflection, do not wear any spectacles in the photoshoot. Also, avoid specs with dark and coloured/shaded lenses.
  • Poor quality photos will cause the GATE application form to be rejected without the fee being refunded.

Tips to Edit Image for GATE Application Form 2022

Candidates are not allowed to upload low quality images for the registration process. In case of any discrepancy with the accepted guidelines for uploading the image, candidates can edit the photo to the required specifications of GATE 2022. Online tools used to edit, crop and compress these images are:

  • Free Online Photo Editor
  • Pisaca,
  • Photo Pea,
  • Cam Scanner
  • Luna Pic
  • MS Paint and so on

Tips to edit GATE 2022 Image Using Picasa

Step 1: First, download Picasa

Step 2: Then open the image on the candidate’s computer

Step 3: Then go to Crop, add the aspect custom ratio and add the dimensions for width and height

Step 4: Then make the required modifications

Step 5: Save the image for uploading

GATE Signature Size

Also, we have given instructions on how to upload the signature on GATE Forms. Apart from the photograph, candidates should also upload an image of the signature after it is scanned. The specifications for the signature are as follows:

  • On a white paper of A4 size, draw a rectangular box of the following dimensions:
    • Breadth = 2 cm
    • Width = 7 cm
  • The signature should be done with a pen in black or blue ink and should fit the box. The signature should be high or wide enough to cover at least 80% of the respective height or width of the rectangular box. If the signature is in any other colour, it will not be accepted.
  • If the signature is in all capital letters, it will not be acceptable.
  • Format should be in JPEG only.
  • Maximum Size of the signature in pixels is 160 X 560 and the minimum Size is 80 X 280 pixels.
  • The signature size has to be between 5 KB to 200 KB.
  • Use a professional scanner and scan the digital image of your signature along with the box, and then cut the image to fit the border of the rectangular box and upload it.
  • In case an applicant’s signature done on the exam day, does not match the signature on the GATE 2022 Admit Card, then the applicant is likely to be disqualified.

Other Supporting Docs for GATE Exam 2022

Other than the photographs or signature, docs required for initiating the GATE registration process are here:

  • ID Proof with Photograph
    • Upload in PDF format any one of the following valid photo identity- Voter ID, Passport, Aadhaar- UID, PAN Card, College ID, Driving Licence and Employee ID.
    • International candidates are required to upload only a Passport / Government issued ID / College ID or Employee ID that is valid. These will be acceptable as an identification document that is recognized.
    • In case none of these are available as identity proof, then make sure to get one of these prior to filling the application.
  • Category Certificate for SC / ST Category Candidates
    • Candidates of SC or ST category have to upload a document as proof. This document should be valid if they want to avail a concession to the application fee. A certificate, which is issued by the authorized officials, will be valid.
    • While filling in the online application form, OBC-NCL and EWS candidates should not upload any category certificate.
  • PwD Certificates for Person with Disability
    • Candidates with disability are required to attach the recently obtained PwD certificate, which is issued by the relevant authority.
    • The benefit can be availed by all with a minimum 40% impairment, irrespective of the type of disability.
  • Dyslexia Certificate
    • Dyslexic candidates are also required to attach a proper dyslexic certificate, which is issued by any authorized Dyslexia Association.
    • The scribes for the same are given by the GATE authorities.

Instructions for Photo Resize and GATE Signature Guidelines

Further, here are instructions that should be followed for the GATE Exams:

  • Candidates are required to sign the photograph with an invigilator present.
  • Candidates are required to bring extra copies of passport size photographs, same as that used during GATE Registration.
  • The candidates should not have worn a cap or glasses in the photograph. Spectacles, however, are allowed, if they use it regularly.
  • Applications that do not have clear photographs are not likely to be accepted.
  • For Signature, upload the signature in the appropriate box given in the form in running handwriting.
  • Writing the full name in capital letters in a box is not accepted as the signature. Doing so can result in the rejection of the application form.

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