What is Institute Registration Number in GATE Form

When you are filling in the GATE application, you may have come across the section, where it asks you to fill in the Institute registration number in the GATE Application form. In this article, we have tried to answer the query of “what is the institute registration number in GATE form?” Find here details about the GATE institute registration number.

Institute Registration Number in GATE Form

As a first step to applying for the GATE Exam, you are also required to register at the GOAPS portal. Once the registration is completed, an e-mail is sent to your registered email ID with your GOAPS Enrollment ID and also via SMS. After registration, candidates will have to enter the Enrolment ID along with the password to log in and fill the GATE 2022 application form. While filling in these details, you will be asked to fill in the GATE institute registration number/Roll No in the section where you are supposed to fill in your qualifying degree details.

Know What is GATE Institute Registration Number

To know the institute registration number in GATE form, check this out.

The GATE institute registration number is actually your own enrollment number or roll number for the institute or university/college that you graduated from.

In the instance that you have a roll number assigned by your college, then you have to fill in that number in the required space. Some colleges know it as enrollment number. In case, you don’t know what your enrollment number is, you can also check with your university.

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