Geometric Sequence Formula

The geometric sequence formula refers to determining the nth term of a geometric sequence. To recall, a geometric sequence or a geometric progression is a sequence of numbers where each term after the first is found by multiplying the previous one by a fixed.

Formula for Geometric Sequence

The Geometric Sequence Formula is given as,

gn = g1rn−1


  • gn is the nth term that has to be found
  • g1 is the 1st term in the series
  • r is the common ratio

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Solved Example Using Geometric Sequence Formula

Question 1: Find the 9th term in the geometric sequence 2, 14, 98, 686,…


The geometric sequence formula is given as,
gn = g1 × r(n – 1)

From the given problem,
g1 = 2 ; n = 9 ; r = 7
g9 = 2 × 7(9 – 1)
g9 = 2 × 78
g9 = 2 × 5764801
g9 = 11529602

Therefore, the 9th term of the sequence is 11529602.

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