Hydrosulfuric Acid Formula

Hydrosulfuric acid, also known as hydrogen sulfide or sulfane exists in the form of a colourless gas and has a rotten egg smell. It is known for being flammable, corrosive and toxic. In this short piece of article, the properties and the hydrosulfuric acid formula are discussed. In the table below, the general characteristics of hydrosulfuric acid are given.

Properties of Hydrosulfuric Acid

Hydrosulfuric Acid
Name Hydrosulfuric Acid
Also Known as Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfane
Appearance Colourless Gas
Chemical Formula H2S
Melting Point -82 Degrees Celsius
Boiling Point -60 Degrees Celsius
Molar Mass 34.0809
Distinguishing Factor Smells like rotten eggs

Structural Formula of Hydrosulfuric Acid

The structure of hydrosulfuric acid is similar to that of water. However, sulfur is not as electronegative as oxygen. Therefore, hydrogen sulfide is not as polar as water. Because of this, relatively weaker intermolecular forces exist in H2S and the melting and boiling point are way lower than in water.

Structural Formula of Hydrosulfuric Acid

Uses Of Hydrogen Sulfide

  • Used in the production of sulfuric acid and elemental sulfur.
  • Used in leather, dyes, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.
  • Used to produce heavy water in nuclear power plants.
  • Used as an agricultural disinfectant.

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