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How big is petrochemical industry in India?

  • India has a fast-growing Pharmaceutical Industry with well-developed drug intermediates manufacturing facilities. Petrochemicals cover basic chemicals like Ethylene, Propylene, Benzene and Xylene. The other major components are the intermediates like MEG, PAN and LAB etc. Synthetic fibres like Nylon, PSF and PFY, Polymers like LDPE/HDPE, PVC, Polyester and PET etc. and Synthetic rubbers like SBR, PBR. The sector has significant growth potential. Although the current per capita consumption of petrochemicals products is low, the demand for the same is growing.
  • India has a petroleum-refining capacity of over 194 Million Tonnes per Annum (MTPA). The world’s largest grass root refinery with 32 MTPA capacities is located in India.
  • It has a number of gas cracker complexes with downstream facilities producing 8 MTPA plastics and polymers.
  • India produces 21 MTPA of Urea; and has the widest range of chemicals like Caustic (2.4 MTPA), Soda Ash (2.7 MTPA), and sulphuric acid; Dyes & Dye Intermediates and Fine Chemicals.

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