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What are the main causes of Urbanisation?

The main causes of Urbanisation are

  • Industrialization: More people have been attracted to move from rural to urban areas on account of improved employment opportunities.
  • Commercialization:Better commercial opportunities and returns compared to rural areas.
  • Social Benefits and Services: Urban areas provide better educational facilities, better living standards, better sanitation and housing, better health care, better recreation facilities, and better social life in general.
  • Employment Opportunities: Services and industries in urban areas generate and increase higher value-added jobs, and this leads to more employment opportunities.
  • Modernization and Changes in the Mode of Living: Availability of highly sophisticated communication, infrastructure, medical facilities, dressing code, enlightenment, liberalization, and other social amenities in urban areas make people believe that they can lead a happy life in cities.
  • Rural-urban Transformation: Rural communities start to adopt the urban culture and ultimately become urban centres that continue to grow as more people move to such locations in search of a better life.

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