What did Gandhi do for the abolition of untouchability?

  • Mahatma Gandhi had popularised the term ‘Harijan’ (literally, children of God) in the 1930s to counter the pejorative charge carried by caste names. 
  • In 1932, Gandhi founded the Harijan Sevak Sangh as part of his efforts to eradicate the concept of ‘untouchability from India’s caste system. 
  • He advocated positive means for the uplift of Harijans. He addressed various public meetings reposing doctrines of Harijan welfare. He led several processions of Harijans with other upper caste people and made them participate in “poojas, bhajans, kirtans and Puranas”.
  • In “Young India”, he wrote that “Temples, public wells and public schools must be open to the untouchables equally with caste Hindus.”

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