ICSE Board Class 10 Physics Post Exam Analysis - 2019

The physics examination for class 10th of the ICSE board got over on the 5th of March. With two days to brush up the concepts for one last time in hands, the students did have plenty of time not only to prepare but also to revise their Physics (Science Paper- I).

The ICSE Class 10 Question Paper Physics (Science Paper-I) theory question paper had 2 sections, Section I (40 marks) and Section II (40 marks), adding up to a total of 80 marks. 2 hours were allotted for the students to finish of the paper.

Out of the 2 sections, Section I was compulsory and had 4 ‘short answer type’ questions while Section II had six questions, out of which the students had to write any 4 questions.

The bar graph given below shows the comparison of today’s paper with that of the previous year Physics Question Paper based on the unit-wise distribution of marks, considering the question paper to be of 100 marks, including the options.

ICSE Class 10 Physics Post Exam Analysis - 2019
From the graph given, we can infer that the marks allotted for ‘Heat’ and ‘Sound’ has increased noticeably while that of ‘light’ and ‘Modern Physics’ has decreased. The unit ‘Force, Power, Work and Energy’ has maintained its weightage.

We have classified the ICSE Class X Physics (Science I) question paper into three types based on our analysis.

1. Subjective Questions: The subjective questions test the memory and understanding capability of a student.

2. Diagram-Based Questions: The diagram-based questions are centred on evaluation, illustration or explanation of a concept with the help of a diagram.

3. Numerical Questions: Numerical questions evaluate the application skills of a student.

The blueprint or the mark distribution for each unit in ICSE Physics (Science I) Question paper 2019 as per the typology is shown in the table given below:

Units Marks per Question Type in ICSE Physics Question paper 2019
Subjective Diagram-Based Numerical Total Marks
Force, Work, Power and Energy 2 6 8 16
Light 7 7 6 20
Sound 10 8 18
Electricity And Magnetism 2 7 12 21
Heat 9 3 6 18
Modern Physics 6 1 7
Total 100

A student could easily score 64% marks by just answering the diagram and numerical based questions while the remaining 36% marks could be gained by answering the subjective questions, considering the question paper is of 100 marks (regardless of the optional questions). This way, the question paper covered almost all the units in the syllabus.

Students who have practised the Previous Year Question Papers for Class 10 ICSE Physics would have understood that the pattern as such is not different from the previous years. Students with a piece of great knowledge on the units of ‘Light’, ‘Electricity and Magnetism’ and ‘Heat’ would find this paper to be very easy and scorable.

Though the paper was a bit tricky and lengthy, it did make way for a great scoring opportunity for the students who were up to date with their learning of concepts and revising with ICSE Class 10 sample papers.

With ICSE class 10 Physics (science I) paper 2019 done, it is now time to shift your entire focus to the ICSE class 10 Maths paper 2019 to be held on 8th March. Brush up your concepts and solve some Sample Papers to be sure of performing great in the upcoming examination. Log on to
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