JAC Class 11 Books

A book is a portable instrument containing detailed information on the specific topic or subject. For JAC Class 11 Books on subjects, the board normally prescribed textbooks on the basis of the JAC Class XI syllabus. For class XI, the subjects covered are varied and a student has the option to specialize in particular stream choosing between biology or math, while physics, chemistry are mandatory for both.

So, here the focus currently is on JAC Class 11 Books- Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology- Botany and Zoology. Now in school books, you can find that the various concepts in a subject are compiled together under its topic in an organized manner.

Use of JAC Class 11 Books

  • Students can use it for self-study
  • Best to supplement it with extra study and reading material to prepare well
  • Read up textbooks and prepare ahead for class
  • Teachers can assign question papers, assignments, practicals and homework based on textbooks

JAC Class XI Books

JAC Class 11  Maths Book
Intermediate I Year JAC Physics Book
JAC Class XI  Chemistry Book
Class XI JAC Year Biology Book 

BYJU’s resources and exhaustive educational materials are very useful for JAC Class XI students. Hence, use them and prepare well ahead for exams.

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