Jharkhand Board Class 11 Biology Textbooks

In Jharkhand Board Class 11 Biology Textbooks, special emphasis has been given to the narrative style, illustrations and activity exercises in an attempt to encourage students to better comprehend the concepts covered under class 11 of Jharkhand Board.

The book presents the subject in 22 chapters, which are ground into 5 thematic units. Some of the main concepts discussed in the textbook includes Diversity In The Living World, Structure and Functions, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology and so on.

To elaborate on the contents of the textbook, each unit has a brief write up preceding the unit, where it highlights on the essence of the chapters discussed in the unit. At the same time, for the students to get a clear picture of what will be taken in class, each chapter has, on the first page itself, a detailed table of contents with the sub-headings from the chapter. Finally, at the end of each chapter, students can find a summary, throwing light to what they studied from the chapter. At the same time, a set of questions are also provided at the conclusion of each chapter, so that a student can test themselves on what they have gleaned about the subject from the textbook.

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Jharkhand Board Class 11 Biology Textbook In English

Jharkhand Board Class 11 Biology Textbooks In Hindi

For students to prepare well for JAC Class 11 they need access to syllabus, JAC Class 11 Textbooks, Sample and Previous Years Question Papers and so on.BYJU’S aims to provide support to the students by making links to these resources available.


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