Jharkhand Board Class 12 Textbooks

The Jharkhand Academic Council has adopted the NCERT model of syllabus for secondary and higher secondary education in the state. Therefore Jharkhand Board Class 12 Textbooks include all the topics prescribed by the council.

Since textbooks are the only official study material at the secondary education level, it becomes important for students to prepare for the exams by referring to the prescribed books. The problems and practice questions that appear in the textbooks form the pool of questions from which the final exam papers are set. It is imperative that students focus on solving and answering these problems and questions.

Special attention must also be given to solved examples in subjects such as Maths and Physics as the exam question papers also include them.

At BYJU’s, we seek to help the students in every way possible and providing the right textbooks is an integral part of our efforts.

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