Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology Textbooks

The Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology Textbooks based on the Jharkhand Board Syllabus deals with the physiological process of reproduction in flowering plants and humans, the principles of inheritance, the nature of genetic material and its function, the contributions of biology to human welfare, basic principles of biotechnological processes and their applications and achievements.

The NCERT textbooks for Jharkhand Board Class 12 have adopted a combination of writing styles with a large portion of chapters written in an easy dialogue style with an aim to engage the student constantly, while other chapters are in the form of a critical comment on the subject matter. Also, at the end of each chapter a number of questions are given. Students can get the answers to all these from the textbook as well as the supplementary reading material as advised by the teacher.

Find the links to download the PDF versions of the textbooks from the table content given here:

Download Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology Textbooks PDFs

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