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In Jharkhand state, the final year of higher secondary education is known as Class 12. Students who pass the exams are eligible to pursue higher education in universities.  The responsibility of setting the JAC 12th Board Syllabus and conducting the exams for Jharkhand Board Class 12 lies with the Jharkhand Academic Council. 

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Latest Notifications

  1. JAC has released the results of Class 12 Science Board Exam 2023. 

About the Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exams

The marks obtained in the JAC 12th Board exams are used as eligibility criteria, and as cut-off for admission to higher education, technical and medical courses. Therefore preparations begin early. In our attempt to help you with your endeavour, we have put together a wide range of critical resources such as syllabus, question papers from previous exams, time table and exam schedule, sample papers, and books. The secondary education board is under the jurisdiction of the department of education of the state government.

Among all the streams in Class 12, Science and Maths are the most competitive with admissions to engineering and medical colleges at stake. You will find our dedicated pages to these subjects particularly useful.

Functions of the JAC 12th Board

The JAC 12th Board performs the following activities:

  1. Organising the Exams for Classes 11-12.
  2. Formulating the syllabus of the respective grades, keeping in view the SCERT norms.
  3. Designing the curriculum for the Academic Years in accordance with the prevailing conditions.
  4. Ensuring smooth running of the sessions.

Overview of the JAC 12th Board 2022-23

Exam Name Jharkhand Academic Council 12th Examination, 2023
Conducted by Jharkhand Board of Secondary Education


Exam Dates 14.03.2023 – 05.04.2023
Exam Duration 3 hours
Number of Students Around 3 lakhs
Official Website https://jac.jharkhand.gov.in/jac/# 
Tentative Result Date 24 May 2023


JAC 12th Board Exam Resources

Students of the JAC 12th Board begin their preparations early, and it usually starts with obtaining and understanding the syllabus. The next step is to acquire various resources such as prescribed textbooks, additional reference materials, question papers from previous exams, and marking scheme of every subject. Students can find all such important resources here required for the JAC 12th Board Exams.

JAC 12th Board Exam Resources for Class 11

JAC Class 11 Syllabus JAC Class 11 Previous Years Question Papers
JAC Class 11 Books JAC Exam Pattern

JAC 12th Board Exam Resources for Class 12

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Syllabus Jharkhand Board Class 12 Textbooks
Jharkhand Board Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers JAC Last 5 Year Question Papers
JAC Exam Pattern JAC Routine

JAC 12th Board Syllabus

The JAC 12th Board  syllabus also gives due importance to key developments in the fields of Science and Mathematics by seamlessly integrating them into the curriculum. It also aims to make the entire learning process enjoyable, so the students can retain their learning for years to come. Find here details of the JAC Class 12 Syllabus for subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for the current academic year.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Physics Syllabus 2022-23
Jharkhand  Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2022-23
Jharkhand  Board Class 12 Biology Syllabus 2022-23
Jharkhand  Board Class 12 Maths Syllabus 2022-23

JAC 12th Board Textbooks

The Jharkhand Academic Council has adopted the NCERT model of syllabus for secondary and higher secondary education in the state. Therefore, Jharkhand Board Class 12 Textbooks include all the topics prescribed by the council.

Since textbooks are the only official study material at the secondary education level, it becomes important for students to prepare for the exams by referring to the prescribed books. The problems and practice questions that appear in the textbooks form the pool of questions from which the final exam papers are set. It is imperative that students focus on solving and answering these problems and questions.

Jharkhand Board Class 12 Maths Textbooks
Jharkhand Board Class 12 Physics Textbooks
Jharkhand Board Class 12 Chemistry Textbooks
Jharkhand Board Class 12 Biology Textbooks

JAC 12th Board Exam Statistics

Total Number of Students: The average number of students appearing for the JAC 12th Board Exams has roughly been around 3 lakhs. The numbers dipped in the year 2020 when 2,31,300 students appeared for their JAC 12th Board Exams. 2022 saw a total of 3,91,098 appearing for the exam. Here is a comparison of the number of students appearing for the Secondary Exams over the last few years appearing in the JAC 12th Board Exams.

Year Number of Students Appeared
2022 3,91,098
2021 3,31,056
2020 2,31,300
2019 3,12,368
2018 3,14,648

Overall Passing Percent: The performance of students in JAC 12th Board has shown an increasing trend since 2018. However, in 2019, the percentage dipped to 55.81% qualifying their JAC 12th Board Exams. In 2020 the overall pass percentage was 72.96%. The percentage increased further in 2021 when 89.31% of the students passed. Girls had been constantly outshining boys throughout the years.

Marking Scheme for Jharkhand Board Class 12 Exams

The marking scheme for Class 12 science and Maths exams consists of both objective and essay-type questions. A clear understanding of the scheme enables you to not only prepare well for the exams but also effectively manage three crucial hours of exam duration.

For example, a look at the Maths question paper from 2018 shows that there were 40 objective type questions, and 10 questions (to be answered out of 16) each from short and long answers. If you answer 40 objective type questions in 50 minutes, you can then allocate 45 minutes to answer short-answer questions and 85 minutes to answer essay-type questions. This is just an example and it is completely up to you to come up with your own allocation based on your strengths and weaknesses.

You could also classify the questions based on individual chapters so you know which chapters require more preparation time. In the example we have considered, Analytical Geometry has the highest marks allocated in the question paper followed by Vector Algebra and Differential Calculus. Remember, scoring well is all about effective planning and strategy.

We also offer the JAC Model Question Paper 2018  for the students to download and solve for practice. 


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