JAC Class 11

Education is developing over time and different educational departments and boards are working to extend the reach of education to the students and beyond to the general public or masses with an aim to diversify, establish and promote its own socio-cultural identity. It was in November 2000 that the State of Jharkhand came into existence. Then in the year 2003, they set up the Jharkhand Academic Council, also known as JAC. There is also the Jharkhand Intermediate Exam Board, which conducts the exam for Intermediate First Year(Class 11) and Class 12. The JAC Class 11 exam date normally falls in April.

Acting upon the Government’s initiative,sarva shiksha abhiyan the state aims to extend primary education to all children up to the age of 14 years. The council also worked to bring about some changes to the primary education. However, beyond class 10, the JAC Class 11 or intermediate I year is also very important as it provides  a solid footing for the students who want to pass on to class 12 or Intermediate Second year.

How to Ace JAC Class 11?

  • Solve previous years question papers
  • Do sample question papers as revision
  • Prepare ahead and study well for class 11 exams
  • Self-assess knowledge and performance to see how to bridge the gap
  • Evaluate strengths and weaknesses and have a study plan prepared
  • Study ahead based on the syllabus
  • Write legibly in clear handwriting
  • Have a proper flow and present the answers logically  

Jharkhand Academic Council Intermediate First Year Resources

For students to prepare well for JAC Class 11 they need access to syllabus, JAC Class 11 Textbooks, Sample and Previous Years Question Papers and so on.

Have a look at  these useful links that can help to do well in JAC Class 11 examinations:

Class 11 JAC Syllabus
Sample Question Papers for Class 11 JAC
Jharkhand Academic Council Class 11 Previous Question Papers 
JAC Class 11 Text Books


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