Class 10 JAC (2018-19)

Jharkhand as a state was formed in 2000. Jharkhand State Legislature passed an act to form the Jharkhand Academic Council(JAC) in 2002. Education is one of the most important tools. It is that power which enables any lay man to interpret and understand the world in his own way. It helps develop a perspective of life. This is the reason why the Jharkhand state formed a council for education known as JAC which continuously aims at providing education par excellence. It particularly gives more attention to identify talent of young minds and aims at providing a platform to exhibit talent both from academic and non academic point of view.

Functions of the JAC

The body continuously aims at providing best of its resources for the betterment of the state of Jharkhand. Few functions it performs are as follows:

  • Conducts examinations for Intermediate, Secondary, Madhyama and Madarasa
  • Prescribes course of study
  • Recommends recognition for various levels
  • Recommends to the HRD about open permission of school & Inter college
  • Prescribes textbooks
  • Provides with various educational developmental programs
  • Processes results
  • Documentation and certification of results

The board conducts examination for class 10 usually in the month of March – April and announces results in the month of May.

Class 10 is one of the most crucial years in the life of a student. It has the power to decide the future of a student. Hence a lot of attention is given to the academics in class 10. For this, students undergo a lot of preparation. They go through various resources such as textbooks, worksheets, sample question papers, question papers from previous years and also try to look up for information online to get information from all possible directions to be able to crack examinations effectively. They try to give their best in core subjects, especially mathematics and science which requires extra dedication by students. If a student tries to stay consistent throughout his academic year by properly following resources and consistently performing well at examinations, he certainly goes on to score really well at examinations.

In this article, we offer dedicated students with all the resources possible, making it a one stop shop for students as well as teachers aiding in their classroom sessions. Following are the offerings:


One of the first and most resourceful documents provided by us in this article is a syllabus. Syllabus is safely one of the most underrated tools. There are chances your preparation goes haywire if you have not adopted a practice of using syllabus to learn yet. This is one of the most effective and powerful tools in determining your understanding of a topic, since these are the points of reference from where experts in the examination committee pick their questions from. So a lot of questions are picked from these topics. Especially subjects like mathematics and science which are scoring subjects certainly requires the use of syllabus. It helps organize your course of study and also aids in assessing oneself.


One of the most resourceful tools, textbooks are the most important books for a student. It provides a structured framework and provides an abundance of information to a student, enlightening students with in depth information. Mathematics and science textbooks are one of the most important books for students. These books are referred by students during examinations. Experts too pick questions from textbooks in order to frame questions from examinations.

Previous years’ question papers

Practicing and solving papers from the previous years has always proven to be a blessing for students. It aims at reducing anxiety amongst students and giving a sense of time to perform better at exams. Solving these papers especially when exams are around the corner is a secret to scoring more marks in exams.

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