JAC Class 10 Science Syllabus

Science enables students to develop thinking skills. It helps provide a link between naturally occurring phenomena and substantiation to processes. It increases curiosity amongst students and helps develop interest. This greatly contributes to the well being of our society.

So, here we have provided an overview of the Class 10 Science syllabus for the students to get an idea about the topics or concepts they will be taught in the Science subject of Jharkhand Board Class 10.

Download Jharkhand Board Class 10 Science Syllabus PDF

Benefits of the JAC Class 10 Science Syllabus

  • Students can use the syllabus as a basic reference tool
  • It is a very effective planner for the students to plan their studies
  • The syllabus helps to lay the expectations from the students
  • It also helps teachers with pedagogical design
  • The syllabus provides the framework for lessons
  • Instrumental in cracking exams with good results

Find below the contents in science syllabus prescribed by the JAC for class 10.

  • Food
    2. Materials

  •       Different kinds of materials
  •       How things change/ react with one another?
  •       Materials of common use
  •       How are elements Classified
    3.  The World of Living

  •              Our environment
  •              How do we stay alive?
  •              Control in the living
  •              Reproduction in the living
  •               Heredity and evolution

   4. Moving Things, People, and Ideas

   5. How Do Things work?

  • Electric circuits
  • Magnets
 6. Natural Phenomena
 7. Natural Resources

  •        Conservation of Natural Resources
  •        The Regional Environment
  •        Sources of Energy

Why study science

Let us try to understand why science needs to be part of our curriculum.

  • Help to understand natural phenomena
  • Knowledge helps arrive at accurate information
  • Improves critical thinking ability
  • Aims at understanding different scientific processes and procedures
  • Can be opted as higher studies

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