JAC Class 10 Syllabus

Education gives us knowledge to see the world differently, by having our own interpretations to everything around. It helps develop perspective and become opinionated. It is that powerful tool which helps people acquire knowledge, techniques, data, skills in turn enlightening them to have a vision of their own to understand their duties and responsibilities and become responsible citizens. It gives them the power to make decisions and voice out their opinions. Helps realize one’s capabilities and explore their field of interest without having to depend on any one. Education boosts confidence in young minds and makes them reliable.

Syllabus is one of the most important documents in a student’s academic life. It serves as an effective planner for students. Forms as a framework providing all the necessary information. Syllabus enables students to develop learning methodologies and optimize learning. It provides sincere guidelines for students and teachers thus making classroom sessions lively and engaging.

Of the many subjects, syllabus is widely used in mathematics. Mathematics is one of the most interesting and easy to score subjects. It enables students to explore all possible options after garnering information about all the fundamental laws/principles. As a subject, mathematics is so vast that toning it down according to the instructions by the board becomes a necessity. This is where syllabus comes into the picture. It effectively outlines necessary information based on inputs from subject matter experts and inculcates appropriately into the syllabus.

Another core subject where syllabus is a must have is Science. Science deals with naturally occurring phenomena, it is broadly categorized into three main streams  i.e, Physics, Chemistry and Biology which are in turn subdivided into many other fields of science. The amount of knowledge this subject provides is mammoth. Hence using a syllabus becomes inevitable. It provides great scope for exploration and advancement using technology.

Click here to download mathematics and science syllabus for class 10 prescribed by the JAC for the academic year 2018-19

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