JAC Class 9 Books

The JAC textbook for mathematics and science manifest the four components of the curriculum like

  • Aims
  • Content
  • Learning Strategies
  • Assessments

The information and content in the textbook should be correct, accurate and bias free. The board formulated the textbook in such a way that the content and illustrations provided in the textbook do not carry any form of discrimination. The content in the textbook balances the depth and breadth of the subject. The examples and illustrations are provided in precise and interesting manner and it is relevant to the student experience.

The Content in textbook follows a logical sequence and a range of meaningful activities are provided in each chapter. An overview of each concept is given at the beginning of the chapter and a summary is given at the end of each unit.

The Board provides the quality textbook for the students to learn independently even in the absence of teachers. Exercises given at the end of each unit helps to know the understandings of student. Every student have diverse opportunities to develop their skills according to their abilities, needs and interest.The textbooks are provided with high quality that students learn directly from it. Student imaginations are too big when the book trains their mind properly.Education is all about understanding, not about memorising the topics.Always relate the topics in daily life activities.

We provides class 9 mathematics and science textbooks.Click the link below to download it.

Class 9 Mathematics Textbook
Class 9 Science Textbook

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Two organisms are said to belong to a particular species if