Jharkhand Board Sample Paper


Education in the state of Jharkhand is organized by the JAC – Jharkhand Academic Council. Many schools and colleges across the state are affiliated with this board. Moreover, this body is also responsible for overseeing and administering board exams for class 10 and class 12 across the state. Class 10 is referred to as “Secondary” and class 12 is known as “Intermediate.”

Analyzing Jharkhand Board Sample Paper

Sample papers are an important tool for students as they help them understand and comprehend the various aspects of an exam – such as the pattern, distribution of marks, probable question etc. Furthermore, class 10 students should consider practising more faithfully as this point in time is the most crucial for their academic and professional future. So, class 10 students should start with sample paper of class 10 JAC board 2021, and similarly, class 12 students should refer JAC sample papers class 12 2021.

Download JAC model question paper

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Why Solve JAC Model Papers

Academically, sample papers are great memory tools that help the students to recall information without any stress or constraints. It also helps the student to analyze and comprehend topics and concepts with a deeper insight. Moreover, it helps the students to firmly cement information and reduces chances of distorting information. Explore more sample papers or other important examination resources by registering at BYJU’S. From in-depth articles and imagery to deeply immersive videos and thought-provoking quizzes, BYJU’s is the solution to all your learning needs.


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