JAC Class 9 Previous Year Question Papers For Maths And Science

The Secret of being high is getting started. The Syllabus helps you to find the learning objective and helps to visualise the concepts. A good syllabus make you to understand the concept and present it in your final examination. Exam preparation is the most important part of student academics life. The students will definitely score good marks once they know the methodology of preparing for exams.

Exam tips to score good marks

  • Make a schedule.
  • Collect all the resources like textbooks, materials.
  • Revise your syllabus properly.
  • Don’t skip concepts.
  • Practice with previous year question Papers.

Practising with the previous year question papers is the primary way of revision before the examination. The advantages of using past papers are:

  • It increases the familiarity and speed of writing answers.
  • Helps to identify the number of choices provided.
  • Helps to identify the length of the exam.
  • Helps to identify the area to be mainly focused.


Your intrinsic factors determines the success factor.Motivate yourself to succeed in examinations. Don’t lose your hope.Believe in yourself that you will always do your best.Click the link below to get class 9 previous year maths and science question papers:

Previous Year Mathematics Question paper
Previous Year Science Question Paper

Practise This Question

m men and n women are to be seated in a row so that no two women sit together. If m > n, then the number of ways in which they can be seated is

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