JAC Class 9 Science Syllabus

The JAC class 9 science syllabus aims for the student to increase their thinking process. Early science education to the children is necessary . Science Education enables students to:

  • Raises the questions like why? What? where? etc
  • Share and discuss ideas
  • Compare, Describe and classify the things

Science is mainly based on Observation, Prediction, Hypotheses, Experiment. Student should be proficient in science. Students must be able to make our children to

  • Know and interpret the scientific knowledge of the world
  • Participate in scientific practices
  • Generate and evaluate scientific explanations

There are a lot of reasons for providing science education. Because our nation is mainly depend on scientific abilities of the citizens. Science teaches our mind to increase the thinking capacity. The content in the science syllabus is framed as per the curriculum involving the standards of science education system.

The underlying concept of the school science education system is that every student should initiate social change by bringing out the changes in the outlook and attitude of the people and enlightened with the human values .

The different branches involved in class 9 science syllabus are

  • Physics     – Study of energy like heat, light etc
  • Chemistry – Study of materials and substances
  • Biology     – Study of plants and animals

Class 9 science syllabus is as follows:

Chapter No Chapter Name
1 Food
2 Materials
3 The world of Living
4 Moving Things,People and Ideas
5 How Things Work
6 Natural Phenomena
7 Natural Resources

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