How To Prepare Notes For JEE Main Exam?

Making notes is one of the most important steps required to ace JEE exams. As the syllabus of these competitive exams is huge, students might forget the concepts that they have learned. 

So it is extremely important to prepare notes whenever you read a new chapter. This will save a lot of time when you start revising the entire syllabus. In this article, we will explain how to make notes for competitive exams like JEE Main.

  • Maintain Your Notebook

As much as making notes is essential for the exam, maintaining them is an equally important role. Keep separate notebooks for different subjects and write down all the important key points, formulae, chemical reactions, etc. in it. Use two different colour pens, one for the heading and subheading. 

A well and neatly maintained notebook will definitely help you gain interest in reading rather than scribbled and scratched notes. Prepare a tabular column at the beginning of the notebook and write down all the chapters along with page numbers. This will help you to quickly revise all the important formulas and problems during revision.

  • How And What To Write In Your Notebook?

While maintaining the notebook is important, you should know what exactly to jot down in your notebook. Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs or directly copying from textbooks. Your notes should be crisp and to the point. Apart from laws and formulas, try to make the notes in your own words or in whichever language comfortable to you. Write down all the short cut techniques and highlight the most repeated and important questions using a marker. Maintain another notebook and write down all the mistakes that you make in the mock tests. This will help you to remember what mistake to avoid in the exam.

  • Keep A Separate Book For All Your Mistakes

This is an essential step that helps you to clear the exam with minimal mistakes. Writing down your mistakes in a separate book is as important as noting all the important formulas and points. This will help you to remember where exactly you are going on and during the examination, you can avoid those common mistakes.