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JEE Exam - Key Points For Good Preparation

The JEE exam is right around the corner which gives the students roughly around a few months to strategize and study for the exam. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste this precious time by engaging in other activities. The clock is ticking and it is time to bring your best game to clear the exam with good marks.

In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’t list for the JEE exam preparation.

Don’t List

  • Do Not Procrastinate

We all do this when it comes to executing an important plan or goal that we have in mind. Procrastination kills the passion and admiration you have towards your dream. The more you delay your preparation,  the less enthusiastic you feel towards your goal. Therefore set a date for your exam preparation and do not think otherwise on the execution day.

  • Negative Thoughts Shouldn’t Be Encouraged

It is okay to feel down at times due to the exam stress and pressure. Take time to make yourself feel better by exercising or watching your favourite movie or music video. But, do not dwell in negative thoughts for a long time. This will only hinder your preparation which ultimately leads to poor performance in the exam.

  • Last-minute Preparations Should Be Avoided

Although last-minute preparations are sometimes beneficial to remember important formulas and concepts, there are chances that you might forget what you have learnt. Therefore, avoid studying any new topics on or before the day of the examination. Revise only the key concepts and formulas which are required to solve numerical problems.

  • Do Not Dwell On A Single Question For A Long Time

All the JEE exam papers will contain easy, moderate and difficult questions and some questions might take more time to solve. When you are stuck at a single problem for a long time, do not waste any more time and move on with the rest of the paper.

To-do List

  • Stay Calm And Focused

It is important to stay throughout your exam preparation and especially on the exam day. Your year-long preparation will be tested for a span of 3hrs and you shouldn’t let that go to waste due to stress and pressure. Take a breather at times you feel overwhelmed and try to attend all the questions on the paper.

  • Visualise The Concepts That You Learn

Learning difficult concepts through watching creative videos will help you to retain the information longer. Many online institutes and YouTube channels offer free content on their respective platforms. If you are unable to understand a concept, watch multiple videos to get a stronghold of it.

  • Make A Habit Of Preparing Notes

As the syllabus of the competitive exam is huge, students might forget the concepts that they have learned. Therefore, maintain a neat notebook and try to write down all the important points in your own words or in whichever language you are comfortable with. Write down all the short cut techniques and highlight the most repeated and important questions which have appeared in the exam, using a marker. It is always better to write once than read ten times.

  • Revision

Revision is the key component that is required to crack this exam. It is important for you to remember the concepts that you have learned. Mark the topics that you find complicated to understand and keep revising it until you get a hold of the concept. Refer to different books, online videos from which you can understand the concept easily and clarify all your doubts with your respective mentors.

Important Tips to Overcome Distractions while Studying

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