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Steps To Take If You Fail To Clear JEE Main

JEE Main is one of the most challenging entrance exams that is conducted on a national level in India. It takes a lot of smart work and planning to clear the exam. Besides, there is a huge competition and among the lakhs of students who appear for the exam, only a few are able to clear the exam. So if you are one of those candidates who failed to qualify the exam there is no need to get disappointed. Even though you have not obtained the desirable marks to get into the college of your choice or if you were unable to prepare for JEE Main then there are a plethora of options available. 

On that positive note, we will discuss some of the alternate options which students can explore after JEE Main along with some preparation tips for the entrance exam.

  • Always Have A Backup Plan

It is better to always have backup plans and prepare for the worse. There are many other entrance exams similar to JEE Main which are much less complicated and can get you a seat in your desired field. Entrance exams like COMEDK, CET, WBJEE, UPSEE, BITSAT, etc. All these exams will get you a seat in state-based universities and private colleges.

  • Appear In The Second Session

NTA conducts JEE Main exam twice in a year. The fire session is held in January and the second session is held in April. If you feel your performance is not satisfactory in the first attempt then you can attend the second session. Learn from the mistakes you committed in the January attempt and do not repeat it again. NTA will consider only the best of two scores which will decide your rank.

  • Explore Other Options

If you are not able to clear engineering entrance exams then there is no need to worry. In recent years, new technologies and trends have taken the country by storm, and careers that are equally desirable and rewarding can be selected. 

For instance, some of the emerging technologies such as Data Science and Big data are coming up and are being used in popular companies like Apple, Amazon, and more.  Today, many institutions are offering courses in these fields.

Alternatively, banking and management also promise a good career with great pay and benefits.

  •  Attend The Exam Next Year

Taking a gap for a year can be exhausting physically and mentally. Repeatedly studying the same syllabus which you had already studied over 10 times can be hard. We advise you to take a gap year only if you are determined to study in colleges like IITs and NITs. Do not let one year determine the rest of your life.

Meanwhile, for all the students who have successfully cracked the JEE main exam only half of your educational journey is over. Next comes the equally hectic part, i.e selecting the right engineering college. College plays an important role in your life by shaping you into the person you want to become in the future. Thus, it is crucial for you to choose the right college.

The perfect college can be selected based on many factors such as quality education, campus placements, alumni, good infrastructure, teaching faculty, etc. Based on the score obtained from the exam, you can select any of the prestigious NIT’s, private, and government colleges and continue your educational journey for the next four years. 

The below-mentioned link contains a list of all the private, government and NIT’s accepting JEE main scores: 

Top Engineering Colleges That Accept JEE Main Score

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