Why Knowing The Syllabus Is Crucial In JEE Preparation

JEE exam requires the aspirants to have the utmost concentration and dedication towards it. Lakhs of students appear for the exam every year and ultimately very few get a chance to study in some of the best engineering colleges in the country. While preparing for the exam, knowing the JEE syllabus whether it is for JEE Main or JEE Advanced plays an important role.

In this article, we shall discuss why it is important to learn the JEE exam syllabus.

  • To Plan Efficiently

The Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects will have marks allotted to each and every chapter. By learning the syllabus and the marks allocation which is released by the NTA team every year, students can plan efficiently. Some chapters will contain more marks and some will hardly contain 1-2 marks. By learning the syllabus, students will know how to allocate the time amongst important and less important chapters.

  • Syllabus Acts as the Blueprint for the Examination

The syllabus released by the NTA contains all the topics and subtopics covered under each chapter. Learning the syllabus will avoid confusion regarding what to study and what not to. 

  • Helps You to Score Good Marks

The syllabus gives you a clear picture of the JEE exam and what to expect from it. By learning the syllabus, students can plan and prepare accordingly to score good marks in the exam.

  • Saves Time

By following the given syllabus, there will be no possibility of wasting time trying to guess the topics that might or might not appear in the examination. The exam syllabus should be followed religiously to save more time and score good marks in the exam.

  • Gain Control Over Learning

Learning the syllabus should be your first and foremost step before starting your exam preparation. Spend some time on the topics covered under each subject and learn everything that is mentioned in the syllabus to achieve control over learning.

  • Gets you Familiar with the Exam Paper

Understanding the syllabus and exam pattern released by the NTA will give you an exact idea of how the question paper will be designed. This will help you to get familiar with the question paper where you can avoid confusion and fear during the main exam. This will also help you to somewhat predict the type of questions that might occur in the exam.

JEE 2020 Syllabus

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