JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus is important, as it helps the students to jot down all the important topics and concepts giving an overview of the subject. It also helps the higher secondary part 1 students to identify the most important aspects of Chemistry. For Class 11 students the syllabus aims to inculcate in them a sense of interest in the subject. Knowing the JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus thoroughly will help the students to prepare more effectively for the board exams and ace it.

The J&K Board syllabus of Chemistry subjects include topics like basic concepts of Chemistry, electronic configuration of atoms, the significance of classification, states of matter and many more. These topics are covered in the JKBOSE Class 11 Textbook of Chemistry. At the same time, the practical session will cover concepts like Organic preparations, Characterization and Purification of Chemical Substance, Chemical Equilibrium, Quantitative Estimation and more.

JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

The annual Chemistry paper of JK Board class 11 is set from this syllabus. The syllabus also includes marks allocated to each chapter. So, students must go through the syllabus in depth. Also, students will find the practicals and projects included in the syllabus. To access the Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus PDF of JK Board visit the link below.

Download JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus PDF

JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus

As students can see that the chemistry syllabus consists of a total of 14 units. Have a look at the main topics under the Class 11 Chemistry syllabus along with the marks distribution here:

Units Name of Units Marks
Unit 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 5
Unit 2 Structure of Atom 5
Unit 3 Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 5
Unit 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5
Unit 5 States of Matter: Gases and Liquids 6
Unit 6 Thermodynamics 4
Unit 7 Equilibrium 5
Unit 8 Redox Reactions 2
Unit 9 Hydrogen 2
Unit 10 s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals) 6
Unit 11 Some p- Block Elements 5
Unit 12 Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques 9
Unit 13 Hydrocarbons 9
Unit 14 Environmental Chemistry 2
Total 70

We hope that students find this information on “JKBOSE Class 11 Chemistry Syllabus” useful. Stay tuned for further updates on JKBOSE Exam. To access interactive Maths and Science Videos download BYJU’S App and subscribe to YouTube Channel.


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