JKBOSE Class 7 Books

The JKBOSE publishes textbooks for all the students. A variety of experiments has done in the domain of production, preparation, evaluation and evaluation of textbooks.The Board framed the syllabus as per the curriculum provided by the Education system. The resources provided in the textbooks generally helps to obtain the in-depth knowledge. Activities given in each chapter will help the student to develop their creativity. It is mandatory to read the textbook thoroughly because exam questions will be from textbooks only.

Some of the characteristics of the textbooks are:

  • It should have proper syllabus and objectives.
  • The course content should be sequentially integrated.
  • It should have systematic practice like reading, listening, writing etc
  • The textbook should be bias free
  • The presentation must facilitate to grip the interest of the learner
  • It should have proper and clear visual illustrated pictures.

To check the students understanding, it has learning review exercises at the end of every chapter. Summary of the units are also provided. Each unit has objective type question like multiple choices, short questions etc are provided for students. This will be helpful for the students while preparing for the examinations.

Click the below link to download the class 7 maths and science textbooks:

Class 7 Mathematics Textbook

Class 7 Science Textbook

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