Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions

Biology can be an interesting subject for students to learn, especially Class 9 biology. In Class 9 Biology students will learn concepts like the chemical changes of food, movement and location, mystery of growth, towards a healthy life and so on. It can also be a bit tough subject to learn and the main aim of class 9 Biology is to bring back the interest of the students to the subject, so that they can continue learning it for their higher studies. A student who wishes to pass the exams with flying colours will now look beyond the SCERT Textbooks Class 9 and solve previous year question papers and even model question papers. Adding to it is the Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions.

These questions help to build the confidence of the students as they will be more acquainted with the type of questions asked. They will also be able to gauge their performance and study accordingly thus working to bridge their knowledge gap of a substance. Most of the Biology important questions are created after analyzing the often repeated questions and those that which we believe are more liable to repeat again. One can also use Kerala Class 9 Syllabus, to see where they stand on a subject, what they have learnt as per expectations and how much more they need to learn for the exams etc.

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Meanwhile, here is a list of the important questions we have compiled on Class 9 Biology. Do take a look:

  1. (a) Name the teeth from the pics below:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions

(b) Write their functions.

2. Name the scientists from the following contributions:

  1. Oxygen is formed as a result of photosynthesis
  2. Source of oxygen evolved during photosynthesis is water

3. From the given figure, prepare a flowchart of the food from the mouth and at the end of rectum.

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-1

4. What is the chemistry behind the sweetness of rice when chewed for sometime without any curries?

5. Prepare a poster for the awareness of the subject “Air Pollution and Disease”

6. Analyze the illustration and answer the questions:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-2

  1. Identify and write the name of the enzyme indicated as “X”.

7. Identify the blood vessel given in the pic below:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-3

  1. Write the name

8. Complete the illustration showing the chemical changes of glucose in plants.

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-4

9. Analyze the diagram of chloroplast given below:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-5

Answer the questions.

  1. Identify A and B and write their names
  2. Explain the process of photosynthesis that takes place within A.

10. Give an explanation for the following statement.

“Consumption of fatty food causes thrombosis”.

11. Analyze the news paper report and answer the questions:

Oceans turn as waste bin Tonnes of waste materials reach the ocean everyday. Due to these wastes the plants and animals of the ocean__________


  1. Oceanic pollution not only affect aquatic organisms. Why?
  2. Prepare a message against water pollution

12. Observe the diagram and answer the questions:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-6

  1. Which part is indicated here?
  2. Which are the nutrients that are absorbed into lacteal and blood capillaries?

13. Diagram of a human tooth is given below:

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-7

Copy the diagram. Identify the parts using the following hints and labels.

  1. Soft connective tissue
  2. Hardest part

14. Complete the illustration related to functions of blood

Kerala Class 9 Biology Important Questions-8


15. Analyze the following statements and find the correct option related to bile juice.

  1. Bile is the digestive juice created by pancreas
  2. Bile contains an enzyme called Amylase
  3. Bile makes the food alkaline

16. Draw a well-labelled and a neat diagram of a plant or an animal cell. Label any 6

17. Explain why respiration is said to be the opposite of photosynthesis

18. Draw the emblem of the Red cross. State 2 main functions of the Red Cross.

19. (i)Why is fertilization in plants known as double fertilization?

(ii) What happens to the following after fertilization?

(a)Ovules (b) Calyx (c)Petals (d) Stamens

20. Name the chief pollinating agent of the following plants:-

(a)Maize (b)Sweet Pea (c)Vallisneria (d)Dahlia


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