SCERT Kerala Maths Textbooks for Class 10 | Kerala Syllabus 10th Standard Maths Textbooks For English Medium

SCERT Kerala Textbooks for Class 10 (SSLC) Maths help students to prepare most proficiently for the board exams. The chapters from the latest 2020-2021 Edition of SCERT Kerala State Board, Maths Syllabus 10th Standard Textbooks for English Medium devised after thorough research by subject matter experts help the students to study well for the exams. These books are used by the students to learn all the concepts of the subject. The exercises found at the end of each chapter of the book will also help the students to score good marks in the board exams.

SCERT Textbooks for Kerala Class 10 Maths help the students to revise the concepts taught in class. The SCERT Kerala Class 10 Maths Syllabus can be seen in Part 1 and Part 2. We have also provided here the links to download the SCERT Kerala Maths Textbooks 10th Standard for English Medium and Malayalam Medium students. Meanwhile, Part 1 and Part 2 of SCERT Kerala state board syllabus 10th standard Maths Textbooks for both English Medium and Malayalam Medium in pdf can be downloaded by clicking these links below.

SCERT Kerala Books SSLC (Class 10) Maths Download

SCERT Kerala State Syllabus 10th Standard Maths Textbooks

SCERT Kerala Textbooks for Class 10 Maths has 11 chapters divided into Part 1 and Part 2 textbooks. There are 6 chapters in Part 1, while Part 2 has 6 chapters. Students can now get the 2020-2021 Edition of the Class 10 Maths textbooks of KBPE from the links given above. These Kerala SCERT Textbooks for Class 10 simplify the concepts for Maths, which is an important subject.

Additionally, the topics that these two Kerala Board Class 10 Maths textbooks deal with include Circles, Coordinates, Tangents, Statistics and so on. These topics are based on the recent Kerala Board 10th Standard Syllabus and SCERT Class 10 textbooks.

SCERT Kerala Books Class 10 Maths Part 1

  • Arithmetic Sequences
  • Circles
  • Mathematics of Chance
  • Second Degree Equations
  • Trigonometry
  • Coordinates

SCERT Kerala Books Class 10 Maths Part 2

  • Mathematics of Chance
  • Tangents
  • Polynomials
  • Geometry and Algebra
  • Statistics

We provide additional study materials like the syllabus, previous yesr question papers and sample papers for the students to easily prepare for the exams.

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