The Loyal Mongoose Story

Given below is the Panchatantra tale of The Loyal Mongoose.  The story of the Loyal Mongoose is a touching tale of a mongoose who is thought to have killed a little boy, his companion. 

Enjoy this amazing story about how acting without thinking can be dangerous. You can also download the story in a very colourful and engaging PDF for free, through the link provided below.

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The Loyal Mongoose

Once upon a time in a village, there lived a Brahmin with his wife. One day, they were blessed with a son. The Brahmin thought to have a pet for the child so as to protect him as well as to get a companion for him. He went in search of the pet and found a mongoose. He brought him to his house.

At first, the Brahmin’s wife was reluctant to have a mongoose as a pet. But later she agreed to it. The mongoose and the child became close friends. Both, the Brahmin and his wife, started loving the mongoose like their own child. But the Brahmin’s wife was always a little sceptical about the mongoose being near the child.

On a particular day, the Brahmin’s wife had to go to the market to buy vegetables. She told the Brahmin to take care of the child. The child was sleeping peacefully in the cradle. The Brahmin then left for begging alms. He thought that the mongoose would look after the child. 

A few hours later, the Brahmin’s wife returned and saw the mongoose at the door. His mouth was completely blood-stained. She inferred that the mongoose had killed the child. At once, she threw the basket of vegetables on the mongoose. 

She ran towards the room in search of her child and to her surprise, saw the child still sleeping quietly in the cradle. But on the floor was a dead snake which was bitten into pieces.

Then she understood that to save the child, the mongoose attacked and killed the snake. Realizing her terrible mistake, she rushed back to the mongoose only to find him dead. The Brahmin’s wife cried aloud as she had killed the loyal mongoose.

Moral of the Story:

Don’t perform hasty actions. Think before you act.

The Loyal Mongoose is a story with a strong moral lesson. It shows that any action should be backed by rational thought. When we do something without thinking, the consequences might be very painful and hazardous. If only the Brahmin’s wife would have taken time to think that the blood on the mouth of the mongoose need not necessarily be of her son, she would not have killed the loyal mongoose! There is no point in repenting once the action is done. So, one must think before acting.  

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