The Monkey and The Crocodile Story in English

Panchatantra stories impart morals to kids. Read here The Monkey and the Crocodile story in English and take a dive into an engaging story about betrayal in friendship. Although all the Panchatantra stories impart valuable lessons to its readers, the moral of the story Monkey and Crocodile is quite unique and didactic. 

The Monkey and the Crocodile short story has its readers irrespective of age and generation. Among all the Panchatantra Monkey stories, the Monkey Crocodile story on betrayal is one of the most loved. You can also download this story of the Monkey and the Crocodile in an exciting and colourful PDF format for free with a single click on the link provided below!

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monkey and crocodile story

Once upon a time, there lived a monkey on a mango tree on the banks of a river. The mangoes of that tree were the sweetest of all. The tree bore fruits year-round. The monkey used to live very happily on the tree eating the tasty fruits and playing on the tree. 

On a particular day, a crocodile came near that mango tree. He seemed very exhausted. The monkey offered him some delicious mangoes from the tree. The crocodile loved those mangoes and thanked the monkey for the same. From then on, the crocodile used to visit the monkey every day and they became good friends.

One day the crocodile thought to take some mangoes for his wife. When his wife ate the mangoes, she demanded something very absurd from the crocodile. She said that these fruits are so tasty, then how delicious will be the heart of that monkey who regularly eats these mangoes! 

She ordered the crocodile to bring the monkey’s heart for her. The crocodile was shocked at her demand. The monkey was his friend. How could he betray him? He declined to kill the monkey and bring his heart to her. 

The crocodile’s wife was adamant about getting the monkey’s heart. She told the crocodile that she is not keeping well and the doctor has recommended her to eat a monkey’s heart to recover. She even threatened him that if the crocodile didn’t get the monkey’s heart for her, she would surely die. The crocodile had to give in to her order.

With a heavy heart, the crocodile left to get the monkey. He went to the monkey and said, “Friend, my wife loved the mangoes sent by you. She has invited you to our house to thank you.” The monkey agreed and sat on the crocodile’s back so that the crocodile could take him to his house. 

In the middle of the river, the crocodile began sinking in. The monkey got frightened and he asked the crocodile as to why he was sinking. The crocodile, knowing that now there was no escape for the monkey, replied, “Forgive me, my friend. My wife needs to eat your heart to save her life. That’s why I am taking you with me.” 

The monkey was outraged. The monkey was smart. He kept calm and told the crocodile that he would be more than happy to save his wife’s life but he left his heart at the mango tree. The monkey told him that they can quickly go and get his heart from the tree. 

The crocodile accepted it at once and turned back. As soon as they reached the tree, the monkey jumped onto the tree and said, “O foolish crocodile, how can someone take out his heart and keep it somewhere else? You have deceived me as a friend. Now go and never come back. The ashamed crocodile went back to his home.

Moral of the Story :

Quick Intelligence can save you from problems.

Above given is the Monkey and Crocodile story in English with moral which is one of the most admired Panchatantra stories of all time. The Monkey and the Crocodile summary provided here will help kids understand how Panchatantra stories in English impart moral values and life lessons through its characters and plots. 

The clever Monkey and the Crocodile short story teaches us that the monkey was able to save himself only because of his quick wit. The Monkey Crocodile story also tells us that one must be firm enough to take one’s own decision. 

If the crocodile could have taken a stand for his friend and completely denied killing his friend for merely pacifying the hunger of his wife, he could have saved both- his friendship as well as his self-respect. But what the Crocodile chose instead was to give up on his friendship and kill the clever Monkey. 

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