Karnataka Board Class 7 Science Syllabus

Why is science education?There are many responses.Because it empowers children to understand and think critically.Science is full of verification and experimentation.

  • It helps children to observe the world around them.
  • Enables to link the cognitive structure with the events and phenomena in the environment.
  • Enables to think and interact in a rational and objective outlook.

Karnataka Board class 7 science syllabus enables students to examine and analyse everyday experiences,acquire methods and process that will develop the thinking process,curiosity and creativity.Concerns and issues pertaining to environment to be emphasized in subject and through a wide range of activities involving project work. Science education helps students to understand the need for change and progress of the society.The science Syllabus for class 7 Karnataka Board are as follows:

1 Food and Its Constituents
2 Cell and Cellular Organization
3 Friction
4 Acceleration
5 Energy
6 Properties of Solids,Liquids and Gases
7 Heat and Temperature
8 Acids,Bases and Salts
9 Atom
10 Hard water and Salt Water
11 Reproduction
12 Pollution
13 Electrical circuits
14 Electrical Appliances in Everyday Life
15 Light
16 Constellations and Galaxies
17 Chemical Bonding
18 Chemical Reactions
19 Electrolysis
20 Allotropy Of Carbon
21 Allotropy Of Oxygen

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