Karnataka Board Class 7 Syllabus-Maths, Science and Social Science

There are many factors contributing to the quality education such as:

  • Curriculum
  • Infrastructural facilities
  • Quality of teachers
  • Quality of teaching.

The quality dimension also needs to be examined from the point of view, especially designed for the child in terms of knowledge and skills. Quality in education includes a concern for quality of life, where its dimensions, including concern for peace, protection of the environment.

The following shows the various language combinations that a student can take in upper primary, and secondary classes.

First Language Second Language Third Language
A Kannada English Hindi/Sanskrit
B Urudu/Marathi/Telugu/Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit Kannada/English English/Kannada
C English Kannada Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada/Urudu/Tamil

Second Language is introduced from Class 5, English is introduced from Class 1. Third language is introduced from Class 6. Sanskrit can be taken as a first language from Class 8. Students can choose to learn any one of these languages up to Class 10. But from Class 12 onwards, the students have to choose Kannada or English as medium of instruction.

The topics in Class 7 Maths, Science and Social Science syllabus are very important as the concepts are required for higher classes. Here is the syllabus for Class 7 Maths and Science.

Browse Karnataka Board Class 7 Syllabus- Maths and Science

Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Syllabus

Students can also browse details of the KSEEB Class 7 Social Science syllabus from here. Find out the list of chapters covered in the syllabus.  Book 1 of Class 7 Social Science contains complete History chapters, while Book 2 is divided into its branches, History, Geography and Civics.

KSEEB Class 7 Social Science- Part 1

KSEEB Class 7 History

1 Vijayanagara Empire
2 Bahamani Adil Shahs
3 Bhakthi Cult and Sufi Heritage
4 Nayakas, Palegaras and Naada Prabhus
5 Wodeyars of Mysuru
6 The Sultans of Delhi
7 The Mughal Empire
8 Marathas
9 Advent of the Europeans to India
10 Rise of British Political Supremacy in India
11 Impact of the British Rule
12 Social and Religious Reforms
13 Freedom Struggle

KSEEB Class 7 Social Science- Part 2

KSEEB Class 7 History

14 Pro-People Movements of Karnataka
15 Karnataka-Economic and Social Transformation
16 Women Freedom Fighters
17 Integration of Karnataka and border disputes

KSEEB Class 7 Civics

18 Our Constitution
19 Fundamental Rights and Duties
20 Directive Principles of State Policy
21 Our Defence Forces
22 Constitutional Amendment

KSEEB Class 7 Geography

23 North America – Land of Prairies
24 South America – Land of Andes
25 Australia – The Flattest Continent
26 Antarctica – The white Continent

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