Karnataka Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

The learning of Mathematics enhances the child’s resources to think and reason, to visualize and handle abstractions, to formulate and solve problems. These can be achieved by teaching relevant content in Mathematics through child’s experience. Teacher’s has to relate mathematical concepts with some other subjects.The two concerns of the Mathematics curriculum are:

  • what can mathematics education do and how it engages the mind of every student?
  • How it strengthens the student’s resources?

The curriculum revision and mathematics textbooks should aim to address these two issues.

There is a need to make some connections between Mathematics and other subjects of study. When children learn a few concepts like how to draw graphs, they should also be encouraged to think of functional relationships in the sciences. Our children need to appreciate the fact that Mathematics is an effective tool in the study of science,and they have to understand the Strong interlinks between maths and other areas.

Karnataka Board has formulated some basic concepts in mathematics for class 7.Here as follows:

1 Integers
2 Fractions
3 Rational Numbers
4 Algebraic Expressions
5 Pair Of Angles
6 Pair Of Lines
7 Properties Of Triangles
8 Symmetry
9 Indices
10 Ratio And Proportion
11 Percentage
12 Simple Linear Equations
13 Congruence
14 Geometrical Construction
15 Mensuration
16 Data Handling
17 Probability
18 Representation Of 3 Dimensional Objects in 2

Dimensional Figures.

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