Karnataka Board Class 8 Science Textbook 2021-22

Students who want to excel in their Science exam, should follow Karnataka Board Class 8 Science textbook as it is framed according to the syllabus. In the textbook of Karnataka Board Class 8 Science the index contains information related to course content, weightage of marks, activities, projects, etc in a sequential manner. For students to practice more, the textbook at the end of each chapter provides questions related to the topics covered in the chapter.

KSEEB Class 8 Science Book 2021-22

Practising these questions will help them measure their knowledge and improve their performance. Teachers also advice students to be thorough with their Karnataka Board Class 8 Science textbook, so that they can answer any questions asked in the exam. The textbook is the ultimate genuine resource of information while preparing for exams. It is well designed by subject specialists with accordance to the Karnataka Board Class 8 Science syllabus.

We have provided pdf of Karnataka Board Class 8 Science textbook Part 1 and Part 2 in the table below. Students can download these textbooks free of cost and can refer to them while revising the syllabus. Class 8 students can also find English textbook by clicking the highlighted link: http://kseeb.kar.nic.in/ 

Download Karnataka Board Class 8 Science Book English Medium and Kannada Medium

Chapterwise Detail On Karnataka Board Class 8 Science Book

  • Chapter 1: Natural Resources
  • Chapter 2: Our Environment
  • Chapter 3: Structure of Atom
  • Chapter 4: Atoms & Molecules
  • Chapter 5: Study of Cells
  • Chapter 6: Classification of Living Organisms
  • Chapter 7: The World of Molecules
  • Chapter 8: Describing Motion
  • Chapter 9: Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 10: Energy and Its Forms
  • Chapter 11: Chemical Reactions and their Types
  • Chapter 12: Chemicals in our Daily Life
  • Chapter 13: Water
  • Chapter 14: World of sounds
  • Chapter 15: Heat
  • Chapter 16: States of matter
  • Chapter 17: Our colourful world
  • Chapter 18: Food and its constituents
  • Chapter 19: Nutrition and Respiration
  • Chapter 20: Reproduction in Higher Plants
  • Chapter 21: Food Production: Soil and Water Management
  • Chapter 22: Evolution of Life
  • Chapter 23: Earth and Beyond

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