Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Textbooks

Unlike in most of the Indian states, in Karnataka the PUC Board prescribes the syllabus and private publishing houses publish many versions of textbooks for the same subjects. The textbooks can vary in terms of how a particular topic maybe presented, and the depth and complexity also varies from one publication to the other. This gives the students a good selection of textbooks to choose from based on their own needs. Whether you want to pursue a professional course in engineering or a more basic Bachelors in Science (BSc), there is a textbook that is right for you.

If you are preparing for national level admission tests such as IIT-JEE, you may want to choose a publisher that not only covers the topics in depth but also includes those topics that are included in such exams but not in the state board’s syllabus.

While it is considered enough to prepare for the exams by referring NCERT textbooks, one could also use publications such as Modern’s ABC, Excellent Publications, and MES publications.

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