Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Textbook

Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science textbooks clear concepts and provide all the contents according to the syllabus. When it comes to scoring good marks in the Class 7 exams, Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science textbooks are the best resource to refer while preparing for the exam. The subject of Social Science is subdivided into History, Political Science and Geography. The Class 7 Social Science textbook is prepared by experienced teachers, primarily focused on enhancing the students’ learning skills. Students can find the activity/ important facts/ related to the chapter or topics in the textbook. Doing these activities will provide more clarity to the students.

From the table provided below, students can access the pdf of Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science textbook for English and Kannada medium. The textbook is framed according to the syllabus of Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science. It will help them to clear their doubts related to difficult concepts. Students can also find these textbooks of Social Science by clicking the highlighted link: http://kseeb.kar.nic.in/

Download Karnataka Board Class 7 Social Science Textbook PDF in English and Kannada Medium

Chapterwise Names of Class 7 Karnataka Board Social Science

KSEEB Class 7 Social Science – Part 1

KSEEB Class 7 History
  • Chapter 1: Vijayanagara Empire
  • Chapter 2: Bahamani Adil Shahs
  • Chapter 3: Bhakthi Cult and Sufi Heritage
  • Chapter 4: Nayakas, Palegaras and Naada Prabhus
  • Chapter 5: Wodeyars of Mysuru
  • Chapter 6: The Sultans of Delhi
  • Chapter 7: The Mughal Empire
  • Chapter 8: Marathas
  • Chapter 9: Advent of the Europeans to India
  • Chapter 10: Rise of British Political Supremacy in India
  • Chapter 11: Impact of the British Rule
  • Chapter 12: Social and Religious Reforms
  • Chapter 13: Freedom Struggle

KSEEB Class 7 Social Science- Part 2

KSEEB Class 7 History
  • Chapter 14: Pro-People Movements of Karnataka
  • Chapter 15: Karnataka-Economic and Social Transformation
  • Chapter 16: Women Freedom Fighters
  • Chapter 17: Integration of Karnataka and border disputes
KSEEB Class 7 Civics
  • Chapter 18: Our Constitution
  • Chapter 19: Fundamental Rights and Duties
  • Chapter 20: Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Chapter 21: Our Defence Forces
  • Chapter 22: Constitutional Amendment
KSEEB Class 7 Geography
  • Chapter 23: North America – Land of Prairies
  • Chapter 24: South America – Land of Andes
  • Chapter 25: Australia – The Flattest Continent
  • Chapter 26: Antarctica – The White Continent

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