Karnataka Board Class 2 Syllabus - Maths and EVS

Karnataka Board Class 2 syllabus Maths and EVS is an important resource for students as well as parents. It helps them to get an idea of the complete course structure, topics and subtopics covered in the syllabus. The KSEEB syllabus is always helpful for students and parents so that students can prepare themselves accordingly. Even the textbooks are designed according to the updated syllabus. Teachers also prepare the exam question paper by referring to the syllabus. Students should be familiar with the syllabus of Karnataka Class 2 Maths and EVS, so that they can face the exam confidently.

Karnataka Board Class 2 syllabus – Maths and EVS

Click on the link below to download the Maths syllabus for Karnataka Board Class 2.

Download Karnataka Board Class 2 Maths Syllabus PDF

Class 2 students can get the latest syllabus of Karnataka Board Maths syllabus and should prepare themselves accordingly

  • Chapter 1: Shapes & Spatial Understanding 3-D and 2-D Shapes
  • Chapter 2: Numbers
  • Chapter 3: Preparation for Multiplication & Division
  • Chapter 4: Mental Arithmetic
  • Chapter 5: Money
  • Chapter 6: Measurement
  • Chapter 7: Length
  • Chapter 8: Weight
  • Chapter 9: Time
  • Chapter 10: Data Handling
  • Chapter 11: Patterns

Karnataka Board Class 2 EVS Syllabus

While studying EVS of Class 2, students or parents can refer to this syllabus. The syllabus covers all the essential topics that are important from an exam point of view.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction of Animals
  • Chapter 2: Animal Rearing
  • Chapter 3: Plant of Backyard
  • Chapter 4: We are for you
  • Chapter 5: Precious Water
  • Chapter 6: Varieties of Food
  • Chapter 7: We Need a House
  • Chapter 8: Organ – Health
  • Chapter 9: My Safety
  • Chapter 10: Our Property
  • Chapter 11: Travel
  • Chapter 12: My Family
  • Chapter 13: Festival
  • Chapter 14: Caring Seniors
  • Chapter 15: Help and Co-operation
  • Chapter 16: Play and Enjoy
  • Chapter 17: We Need these also
  • Chapter 18: My Beautiful Native Land

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