Karnataka Board Class 5 Science Syllabus

The Karnataka Board keeps a standard education pattern, with the aim to provide a quality education for all students. On the basis of the current educational demands, the board includes new topics in the syllabus for different classes at regular intervals. The current Karnataka Board Class 5 syllabus is designed keeping in mind the age and learning capabilities of the class 5 students even as it gives a thorough understanding about the different topics included in the subject.

Students can download the pdf of the KSEEB Syllabus from the link provided below.

Download Karnataka Board Class 5 Science Syllabus PDF

Find also the list of main topics covered under the Class 5 syllabus of Karnataka board.

  1. The Living World
  2. Materials
  3. How Things Work
  4. Food
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Natural Resources

For detailed information about the concepts under the topics covered in Class 5 subjects, students can access the pdf link given.

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