Karnataka 2nd PUC Biology Important Questions

Answering the Karnataka 2nd PUC Biology Important Questions can be beneficial to the students, as it makes them more confident. They will be able to attend the Karnataka puc board exams without much fear, as they would have already got enough practise with the most repeated questions. They also get an idea about the Karnataka Board Exam Pattern and the important topics covered in the textbooks, as per the syllabus.

Now, these questions have been formed based on the oft repeated questions from the Karnataka 2nd pu board question papers, thus also giving students a sense of self-assessment, where they can also gauge their performance and thus planning their learning strategy in a better way to bridge the knowledge gap.

2nd PUC Biology Important Questions List

Take an overview of the list of important questions compiled here:

  1. What are homogametes and heterogametes?
  2. What is innate immunity? Mention any two types of innate immunity barriers
  3. Write the methods to introduce atien DNA into Host cells.
  4. Draw a neat labelled diagram of T.S. of young Anther.
  5. Draw and describe the structure of a matured embryosac of angiosperms.
  6. What are the features of an ideal contraceptive? Mention natural methods of contraception
  7. Oswald Avery and others have continued Griffith’s transforming principle to prove DNA as genetic material – Substantiate.
  8. One of the applications of biotechnology is to get pest resistant plants – Justify the statement with reference to Bt. cotton.
  9. What is inbreeding depression? How is it controlled?
  10. Why has T.H. Morgan selected fruit flies for his genetical experiments ?
  11. Draw a neat labelled diagram of an antibody molecule.
  12. Mention any three characteristics of cancer cell.
  13. what is artificial hybridisation ? By which technique is it achieved ?
  14. Write the karyotype of the following syndromes :

i) Down’s sYndrome

ii) Klinefelter’s sYndrome

ii| Turner’s sYndrome’

  1. Explain the process of translation in protein synthesis.
  2. What is infertility ? How is infertility treated by assisted reproductive technologies like GIFT and ICSI ?
  3. Explain the role of microbes in industrial Products’.
  4. Write the causes and symptoms of ‘Altitude sickness”
  5. Write a note on Biopiracy with reference to ‘Basmati Rice’.
  6. Draw a neat labelled diagram of sectional view of human female reproductive system

Why Solve Karnataka 2nd PUC Biology Important Questions List?

Students can solve these questions, as it helps them crack the subject better. How will it help?

  • Students will get a better idea about the subject
  • They will be better able to plan their studies on the basis of their performance
  • Gain more confidence and practice
  • Can prepare better for the exams

Students can also explore more useful tools like Karnataka state puc board books  and other free study materials online.




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