Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS Textbook 2021-22 - English And Kannada

Subjects that are being taught to the students of Class 1 to 4 include Mathematics and EVS, other than the languages. The primary aim of these KSEEB Class 3 books is to help develop the all round personality of the student. Environmental Studies or EVS, as it is known, is a combination of the subjects, Science and Social Science. One of the best ways to learn these concepts is to refer to the KSEEB Class 3 EVS Books.

KSEEB Class 3 EVS Book 2021-22

The KSEEB 3rd EVS textbook covers concepts related to daily life experiences, information about the environment, society, country, individual duties and rights and so on. The Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS Textbook also includes colourful, attractive and meaningful illustrations to attract the children. Karnataka Board textbooks also help to make the learning process more interesting and enjoyable.

Students can access the Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS Textbook in English and Kannada.

Download Karnataka Board Class 3 EVS Textbook PDFs – English And Kannada

We have also given the list of chapter names in a table below.

1. A day in the garden
2. Green wealth
3. Judgement of the owl
4. The story of a drop of water
5. The family of water
6. Variety of food
7. Our kitchen
8. Let us build a house
9. Pretty house
10. Our sense organs
11. Importance of teeth
12. Danger – Accident
13. Facilities for our use
14. Modes of transport
15. Communicating through letters
16. Deepa’s Generation
17. My hobby
18. These people are also like us
19. Festivals and Fairs
20. A day in my life
21. The game – Hide and Seek
22. Story of a pot
23. The Earth – Our Home
24. Map
25. My district-Your district

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