Karnataka 1st PUC Maths Important Questions

For a student of Karnataka Board 1st Year PUC Class, Mathematics can be a challenging subject, as it deals with a wide range of topics from sets, relations and functions to complex numbers and quadratic equations, sequences and series, mathematical reasoning and so on. If a student needs to get a good foundation in Class 11 Mathematics, they would need to do well in the classes and for the exams. To prepare for these exams, students can access the Karnataka 1st PUC Maths Important Questions get practice. This will be a good supplementary study material for the students apart from their Karnataka Board 1st PUC Question Papers, 1st PUC textbooks and so on.

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Students can also get an overview of the list of important questions here:

Karnataka Board 1st PUC Maths Important Questions List

  1. If
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{a}{b}, \frac{c}{d}, \frac{e}{f}\end{array} \)
    are the proper fractions, then LCM is

given by ___________

  1. Three vessels can hold 9, 15, 24 litres of water. Find the least quantity of water which can be filled by these vessels an exact number of times.
  2. Find the H.C.F. of 165, 225 and 435

4. The cost of a chair is `600 and the cost of a table is `900. Find the least sum of money that a person must possess in order to purchase a whole number of chairs or tables.

5. Express each of the following rational numbers as decimals:

  1. \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{3}{4}\end{array} \)
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{15}{8}\end{array} \)
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{8}{125}\end{array} \)

6. Without actually performing the long division state whether the following rational numbers will have a terminating decimal expansion or non- terminating repeating decimal expansion.

  1. \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{17}{3125}\end{array} \)
    (b) (b)
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{13}{8}\end{array} \)

7. Prove that 2 + 3

\(\begin{array}{l}\sqrt{5}\end{array} \)
is an irrational number

8. Represent the following sets in both Roster form and Rule method:

(a) Set of factors of 20

(b) Set of all prime Numbers less than 10

9. Out of 250 people, 160 drink coffee, 90 drink tea, 85 drink milk, 45 drink

coffee and tea, 35 drink tea and milk, 20 drink all the three. How many will

drink Coffee and Milk?.

10. If A = {5, 6, 7}, Find P (A)

11. If (2x, x + y) = (8, 4). Find x and y

12. R is a relation on the set of natural numbers N standing for x is

related to y. if x = 3y, Find R

13. Find the domain and range of the function

\(\begin{array}{l}F(x)\frac{x^{2}-2x+1}{x^{2}-9x+13}\end{array} \)
, where
\(\begin{array}{l}x\varepsilon N\end{array} \)

14. Simplify

\(\begin{array}{l}2(3^{-2})+\frac{1}{3}^{-3}+3^{2}\end{array} \)

15. Prove that 2log

\(\begin{array}{l}\frac{3}{7}\end{array} \)
+ log
\(\begin{array}{l}\frac{49}{9}\end{array} \)

16. If log 5 = 0.6990, find the number of digits in the integral part of

\(\begin{array}{l}5^{23}\end{array} \)

17. Find the 11th term of the A.P. 3, 5, 7, 9 – – – –

18. Imrez buys a used car for `1,50,000 he pays `1,00,000 Cash and agrees to pay the balance in annual installments of `5,000 plus 8% interest on the unpaid amount. How much will the Car Cost for him?

19. If

\(\begin{array}{l}n(\cup)\end{array} \)
\(\begin{array}{l}n(A)\end{array} \)
\(\begin{array}{l}n(B)\end{array} \)
=300 and
\(\begin{array}{l}n(A\cap B)\end{array} \)
=100, then find
\(\begin{array}{l}n(A’\cap B’)\end{array} \)

20. Prove that

\(\begin{array}{l}\frac{1}{1+cos A} +\frac{1}{1-cos A}= 2cosec^{2}A\end{array} \)

Why Solve Karnataka 1st PUC Maths Important Questions?

These important questions covers almost all the important topics that come under the Class 11 Maths syllabus. Hence, it also helps students to learn a subject properly. Other benefits are given here:

  • Help students to get proper information and expectation about the exam pattern
  • Help them to self analyse their failings and knowledge gap of the subject
  • If the find any question more tough, they can spend more time on that topic
  • It is a good tool for revision
  • Get practise doing Mathematical problems

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