Karnataka Board Class 5 Maths Textbook

Mathematics is a very challenging subject and requires practice to master it. The textbooks for class 5 Maths also include activities and examples to engage the student. Here, with the help of the Karnataka Board Class 5 Maths Textbook, even the most complex concepts under the subject are simplified.

Students are encouraged to think, engage in activities as well as master the subject thoroughly via these Karnataka State Board books. Meanwhile, the framework of NCF 2005 has also proposed doing away with complete calculations and to relate it more to real life experiences and cooperative learning. Keeping in mind the fact that many students have fear of the subject, the textbook includes puzzles, jokes, riddles and interesting games or stories to attract the interest of children at primary level. The idea behind designing these textbooks is to combine experiential learning with hands-on and minds-on activities.

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The Class 5 Textbooks in Mathematics contain 20 units and are divided into two parts. The first part accounts for 10 units and the second part includes 10 more units. Some of the topics covered from both these books are 5- digit numbers, addition, fraction, data handling, money, time, pattern and so on.

Find here also the list of units under each part of the class 5 Maths textbook:

List Of Units From KSEEB Class 5 Maths Part 1

1. 5- Digit Numbers

2. Addition

3. Subtraction

4. Factors & Multiples

5. Fractions

6. Angles

7. Circles

8. Length

9. Perimeter & Area

10. Data-Handling

List Of Units From KSEEB Class 5 Maths Part 2

1. Multiplication

2. Division

3. Mental Arithmetic

4. Decimal Fractions

5. Money

6. Weight & Volume

7. Time

8. Symmetrical figures

9. Three dimensional figures

10. Patterns

Students can also make learning fun and interesting with the help of interactive videos downloaded from the BYJU’S app and YouTube channel. Stay tuned to get updated with notifications.


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