Karnataka Board Class 8 Social Science Textbook 2022-23

The Karnataka Board Class 8 Social Science textbook is one of the best study materials for students to understand the subject. Social Science subject is subdivided into six sections History, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Business Studies and Geography. To score well in this subject, students need to score good marks in all the subjects. Read on to find the Karnataka Board Class 8  textbook for Social Science for both English and Kannada medium students.

KSEEB Class 8 Social Science Book 2022-23

The topics and subtopics mentioned in the Social Science textbook of Class 8 are explained in detail with images and graphics to help students understand better. The textbooks are well-crafted by subject-matter experts after researching the Karnataka Board Class 8 syllabus. Click on the links below to download the English and Kannada versions of the Karnataka Board Class 8 Social Science textbooks

Download Karnataka Board Class 8 Social Science Book – English Medium and Kannada Medium

KSEEB Class 8 Social Science Book 2022-23
KSEEB Class 8 Social Science Book Part 1 (Kannada Medium) 2022-23
KSEEB Class 8 Social Science Book Part 2 (Kannada Medium) 2022-23
  • Chapter 1: Sources
  • Chapter 2: Geographical Features and Pre Historic India
  • Chapter 3: Ancient Civilizations of India
  • Chapter 4: Ancient Civilizations of The World
  • Chapter 5: Greek, Roman and American Civilizations
  • Chapter 6: Rise of Jainism and Buddhism
  • Chapter 7: Mauryas and Kushans
  • Chapter 8: The Guptas and Vardhans
  • Chapter 9: South India-Shatavahanas, Kadambas and Gangas
  • Chapter 10: The Chalukyas of Badami and The Pallavas of Kanchi
  • Chapter 11: The Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta and The Chalukyas of Kalyana
  • Chapter 12: The Cholas and Hoysalas of Dwarasamudra

Chapter names of Political Science

  • Chapter 1: Meaning and Importance of Political Science
  • Chapter 2: Public Administration
  • Chapter 3: Human Rights
  • Chapter 4: Local Government

Chapter names of Sociology

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Sociology
  • Chapter 2: Culture
  • Chapter 3: Social Institutions
  • Chapter 4: Types of Society

Chapter names of Geography

  • Chapter 1: The Earth-Our Living Planet
  • Chapter 2: Lithosphere
  • Chapter 3: Atmosphere
  • Chapter 4: Hydrosphere
  • Chapter 5: Biosphere

Chapter names of Economics

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Economics
  • Chapter 2: Meaning and Types of Economy
  • Chapter 3: National Income and Sectoral Aspects of the Indian Economy
  • Chapter 4: Government and the Economy

Chapter names of Business Studies

  • Chapter 1: Components of Business Studies
  • Chapter 2: Business and Industry
  • Chapter 3: Forms of Business Organisations

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