Karnataka 1st PUC Biology Important Questions

Answering the Karnataka 1st PUC Biology Important Questions can be beneficial to the students, as it makes them more confident to write the exams. This makes it easier for them to attend examinations without fear. It also gives them enough practice with the often recurring questions. They also get an idea about the Karnataka Board Exam Pattern and the important topics covered in the textbooks as per the Class 11 Karnataka syllabus.

These important questions have been selected based on the often repeated questions, thus also giving students a sense of self-assessment, where they can evaluate their performance and thus plan their learning strategy in a better way to bridge the knowledge gap.

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1st PUC Biology Important Questions List

  1. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of TMV
  2. Write any two characters of collenchyma
  3. Write any two features of metaphase
  4. Name any two cells of gastric glands and their secretions
  5. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of nucleus
  6. Define the following terms (a) Antiport (b) Plasmolysis (c)Imbibition
  7. Explain the structure of Actin Filament
  8. Enumerate any 5 characteristics of Gymnosperms
  9. Explain the mechanism of breathing
  10. Explain the pathway of reflex action
  11. Write a note on herbarium
  12. Differentiate between Chordates and Non-chordates
  13. Define inspiration and expiration
  14. Draw a labelled sketch of Collenchyma tissue
  15. Write any 3 differences between Mitosis and Meiosis
  16. Mention the formed elements of Blood
  17. Explain the mass flow of hypothesis
  18. Write the salient features of Phylum Arthropoda
  19. Draw a labelled diagram of digestive system of cockroach
  20. Mention any 5 hormones of anterior pituitary

Why Solve Karnataka 1st PUC Biology Important Questions List?

Students love to solve these questions as it helps them crack the subject better. See, here how it really helps:

  • Students get an overview about the subject and main topics
  • Plan their studies better on the basis of their performance
  • Be more confident in writing
  • Do well in the boards and entrance examinations

Students can also explore more useful tools like Karnataka Board 1st PUC Textbooks and other exam materials online.

Stay tuned to get more updates about pre university board Karnataka and other state board resources. 


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