Karnataka 1st PUC Chemistry Important Questions

Many students believe that studying from the Karnataka State Board Books that covers all the subjects, which comes under the I PU Chemistry syllabus will make them well-prepared to do the final examinations well. Now, that is not always so. While books can be an important source to study, students who wish to score well need to supplement this with additional resources and study materials including the Karnataka 1st PUC Chemistry Important Questions. This comes in handy for a student, who wish to score high for 1st PUC chemistry.

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List of compiled 1st PUC Chemistry Important Questions

1. a) State Charles’ law.

b) Give the relationship between molecular mass and density of a gas.

2. Differentiate between the reactions of Li and Na on burning them in oxygen. Give equations

3. How is ‘ozone layer’ formed in the stratosphere? Name a chief chemical that causes its depletion.

4. (a) Mention two conditions for the linear combination of atomic orbitals.

(b) Draw the shapes of BMO and ABMO formed by the combination of 1s and 1s atomic orbitals

5. Explain with equations the production of dihydrogen by coal gasification and water gas shift reaction.

6. Write any three postulates of kinetic theory of gases.

7. What is Intensive property of a system? Pick out the intensive property from mass, internal energy, density & volume.

8. State Hess’s law of constant heat summation.

9. Write Gibbs equation. Using G, how do you decide whether a reaction at a given temperature is spontaneous or non spontaneous?

10. Give the principle and the formula involved in the estimation of sulphur by Carius method?

11. How is benzene prepared from ethyne? Explain the mechanism of nitration of benzene

12. Give any two reasons for the anomalous behaviour of berillium

13. Discuss any 3 uses of aluminium

14. Give any 3 postulates of VSEPR theory

15. Distinguish between sigma and pi bonds

16. How is orthoboric acid prepared from borax?

17. How to synthesize organosilicon polymers?

18. State Avogadro’s law. Write the mathematical representation of the law.

19. (a) How is the estimation of halogens done by carius method?

(b) Explain the inductive effect with an example

20. Define (a) specific heat capacity

(b) Enthalpy of Vapourisation

Why Solve Karnataka 1st PUC Chemistry Important Questions?

These questions are compiled after analysing the Karnataka Board 1st PUC Question Paper and identifying the recurring questions. We, at BYJU’S in support of the students have compiled a list of 1st PUC Chemistry important questions.

  • Cover important topics and concepts
  • Most of the questions are repeated often or likely to repeat
  • Get more practice
  • Learn the subjects better

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